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About Us

"Your Subaru ownership experience is a reflection of who you allow to service your Subaru"

Our mission is to provide you and your Subaru with the best possible care possible. Unlike the impersonal dealer service department , All Wheel Drive Auto believes in establishing a one-on-one relationship with our customers much like you would with your doctor, dentist or hair stylist. We believe it is crucial to a good service experience for not only your Subaru but for you as well.

All Wheel Drive Auto can expertly service your Subaru Outback, Legacy, Forester, Crosstrek, Impreza, Ascent, WRX, STI, BRZ and older models in the greater Seattle, Kirkland, Bothell areas, as well as Everette, Snohomish, Woodinville, Kenmore, Shoreline and Monroe.

We offer our customers a unique service experience, combining real Subaru expertise, tools and diagnostic equipment with a friendly local corner shop atmosphere.

When evaluating the needs of your vehicle we have found it equally important to factor in our customers’ individual needs as well. When we have discovered service needs we place them into three categories.

The first is items that need immediate attention, such as burnt out light bulbs or worn out brakes.

The second category is for things that are beginning to come to the end of their useful service life such as belts that are starting to crack or tires that are getting worn. These are items that don’t need to be done now ,but rather should be budgeted for in the coming months this would also include any scheduled maintenance such as a 30k service.

The third category is things that just need to be monitored such as oil residue on various places on the vehicle. Some times its truly hard to know just how long it will take for a leak to get worse and as such we believe those things should be monitored over time and addressed if and when they become a problem. This is where someone who specializes in Subaru repair can truly serve your interest well. Another general repair shop may be to quick to condemn certain things on your Subaru that we know to be typical for the vehicle.

Let’s face it most cars will have service and repair needs, regardless of what the salesperson told you when you purchased your Subaru. We do not push services that are not part of the original service schedule in your owners manual. Following the service schedule, making repairs when needed and addressing typical Subaru problems is what we focus on.

We employ some of the most well known Subaru enthusiasts in the area, our staff doesn’t just come to work for a paycheck, they have real passion for the Subaru brand, the Subaru community and helping Subaru owners where ever you may be.

The Real Boss up frontAll of us at All Wheel Drive auto are here to “Help You get more from your Subaru”.

See What Our Customers Say

Service is excellent as usual. Staff is upfront with their analysis on your vehicle and their experienced staff typically nail the issue at hand the first time around. I trust my vehicle completely to All Wheel Drive Auto!
Joseph K.