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Can You Run Your Subaru Or Any Other Car On Water?

Can You Run Your Subaru on Water?

While we don’t yet know the true answer to this question, we will in the not to distant future.

After a friend asked me what I thought of the internet hype and you tube videos showing a “in the vehicle hydrogen generator” that creates browns gas or hho, I decided to look into it further.

One of the common arguments I have observed is that it will take more energy to create the hho than reaped in producing it in the first place. But how can anyone really know this for sure in a car with an alternator.

I want to be sure to point out that I am not a scientist or an engineer; I am merely just a Technician, business owner and concerned father of two boys who I want to have a bright future and I often worry that there are just not enough people truly trying to come up with ways to decrease the amount of fuel used in cars and thus decrease the emissions they produce.

Whether you believe in global warming or not you must realize by now that as the rest of the world becomes more like the U.S. and consumes more commodities such as oil the price of gas may fluctuate a little, but is on a steady rise to much higher prices in the future.

So I look to what I know to be true, If HHO can truly be produced in a hydrogen generator mounted in a car, I can figure a way to decrease the total amperage draw of the car to compensate for the increase in amperage draw from the generator.

So here is what we are going to attempt. We are going to build and install the system as outlined in a book bought online. As the project goes along I will provide updates to our progress as I can. What is learned and achieved as well as any failures. Since this is somewhat of a departure from what we normally do, I am not sure how long this will take. I am optimistic that from research into materials, supply to design, build, installation and finally testing that we can have this done in a few months time.

It is not our intent to try and “cash in” on any hype and the reason for posting an article on our blog is to try and bring about awareness. We might want input from someone in the scientific community if we were to get stuck on one or more particular aspects of the hydrogen generator build.

Here is the vehicle we are going to use as the test car. A 1993 Subaru Legacy, with almost 300,000 miles. Two reasons for choosing this car. One, we know Subaru’s very well and once the Generator is installed it should be immediately apparent to me if it is helping or hurting the car. Two, if it damages the car, it has had a good life and I wouldn’t be out to much.

Subaru Legacy Test car

If we are successful, it does indeed work and offer real fuel savings, than we may offer to try and replicate it and offer the systems to be installed.

Again we didn’t event the technology being installed here we are only out to see if it really works. If it does is it practical, reliable and stable.

If we ultimately don’t end up with a success, there is that old saying. Out of failure breeds success and maybe we can have a part in it.

Wish us luck, please send us your feedback and we will keep you posted as we can.



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    1. Hi Andrew,

      Yes and no, We completed it twice (two different Fuel Cells) No matter what we did it ate Alternators, the consensus was we needed to fab in a 135 amp alternator form a GM Diesel to really make it work. I still have the second fuel cell, a Solar storage company I am involved with thinks we can use calcium chloride as an activating agent instead of Vinegar, and this would potentially reduce the on time or electrical draw. So its not in present state working but also not forgotten.

      Thanks for the question!


  1. OK well how is the progress going? This is very interesting. And yes, I am a little late to the party!!


  2. Hey Justin,
    We are working on the same process here in alabama. I work in a machine shop and a couple of us are using the same literature that you have and while searching for info on the web I ran across your site and we will be checking to see how the progress is going and if we have any real break throughs we’ll let you know. Good Luck!!

  3. Hey Matt,

    No good news yet. Part of the problem is we are so busy at the shop, I have been trying to work on this at night and on the weekends. I finally had to send out the stainless parts to be machined and I am waiting for them to be finished so I can proceed.

    I set out to build a kit from scratch and I am now thinking I should buy a generator and build the rest myself.

    I will keep you updated as I can.

    Thanks for your interest.

  4. Be careful Justin, you remember what happend to that Tuker guy? (ha ha)

    This is great and I hope it works out. If I remember correctly from school (yes it was Monroe) there is no less water on Earth now than when it was created. Having said that will you be able to capture the emissions and have it re-roted to the vehicle to continuously use the same fuel?

  5. Hmmnnnn, very interesting. Would you need the same amount of water to run a car as gas traditionally?

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