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Change Your Subaru’s Snow Tires in Seattle


The date to take off your Studded snow tires is fast approaching, even if you have stud-less snow tires its a good idea in order to maximise the years you will receive from them its better to limit the miles you put on those tires. If you do it right its not uncommon to have a good set of snow tires for 6 or 7 years before you see any real loss of traction.

All Wheel Drive Auto can reinstall your Subaru’s tires by appointment while you wait, whether your tires are already on rims or you need to have the tires re-mounted and balanced we can help. We will carefully bag up your snow tires, set your summer tires to the correct pressure and reset the Tire Pressure monitoring system (if equipped). We will also perform a brake inspection and advise you of their condition.

While we remount your tires we can also perform a wheel alignment to further protect your tire investment and maintain good fuel economy as well. You can can add an oil change or some neglected services all at the same time to make things as convenient as possible.

All Wheel Drive Auto is one of the only Independent Seattle area Subaru repair shops to offer this service.

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