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Graeme G.’s Review of: All Wheel Drive Auto Wow, what great service! (rating 5 out of 5)

I’ve never had someone I could refer to as “my go to guy” for service
on my Subaru Outback and my Subaru Impreza. Actually, I’ve never had a
“go to guy” for any car I’ve ever owned. For that reason I’ve never
been inspired to write a review for a mechanic before. But in
Kirkland’s All Wheel Drive Auto I’ve found a team that I can trust
with my cars. There is nothing in my life more important to me than
making sure my family is safe; a critical part of that is making sure
that my vehicles are sound, and I can know that my wife and children
can go out and be safe on the roads.

Justin has proven himself to really care – not just about my Subaru
Outback and my Impreza, but about me, as well. I can trust him to look
out for my best interests; he’s up front and honest, and his prices
are very fair. Honestly, I don’t know how his prices compare to other
mechanics – either Subaru specialists or generalists – but it doesn’t
matter to me because I trust him.

Just be warned – he cares deeply about the impact of our vehicles on
the environment; if you’re not careful, you’ll get a master’s level
discourse on how our vehicles could run better if only… Justin’s
awesome – try him out, and you’ll see why.

Justin and Randy:

Just wanted to send a word of appreciation…What everybody wants in an auto service provider is to be able to trust two things: 1. That you are experts 2. That you won’t over-charge.

You went beyond ensuring that trust, and made it so pleasant for me to do business with you. Thank you for being extra-beyond-the-call-of-duty helpful, for providing printed copies of manufacturer’s instructions for a specific type of wind-noise repair, for doing such a thorough job of the post-purchase inspection of my Legacy. Thanks also for the convenience and the loaner/rental car, which really took a lot of headache out of getting the car serviced. And thanks for the Starbucks gift card! On top of all that, I appreciate your sense of humor. =) …

I could not be happier with your service (unless you provided it completely free of charge :-) ). Consider me a lifetime customer.

Best regards,

Michelle B.
Kirkland, WA

Dear Justin,

I’ve been meaning for a long time to write you a thank you note letting you know what a pleasure it has been to do business with you as well as get to know you. Greg and I greatly appreciate you and your employee’s hard work, knowledge about engines/cars, honesty, and your easy-going and friendly manner. You have gone above and beyond to ensure we are satisfied and taken care of, and you will always be the mechanic we choose. We’d be happy to give a recommendation if you ever need one.

Megan and Greg H.

PS – the Subaru is running great in the heat, thanks for the follow-up call

Sarah S.’s Review of: All Wheel Drive Auto Exceptional Customer Service! (rating 5 out of 5)

Safety is my #1 concern when it comes to my car. Therefore, I don’t
like to leave her in the hands of just any Joe Jiffy. When I expressed
my concern about my check engine light being on to an acquaintance, he
said he too has a Subaru and referred me to Justin at All Wheel Drive
Auto. A referral is a thousand times better than a fancy commercial
with a catchy jingle. So, I took my car there for a diagnosis. When
Justin took the time to show me under my hood what he and Randy found,
I knew he had my safety in mind and that he was honest. He already had
me at “Let me show you under the hood.” But when I came back and he
arranged and PAID FOR! a rental car for me for the day, I was shocked!
Now that’s customer service!! I recommend All Wheel Drive Auto to

Hello Justin – – – Thanks SO MUCH for all your help last Friday and Saturday (April 13th and 14th). I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your immediate response to my automotive predicament. From my first phone contact with you, to arriving at your shop with my car on Alan’s (Totem Lake Towing) flat-bed truck, to the careful attention to and repair of my car (including chasing down the necessary parts late on Friday afternoon and coming in on Saturday morning to complete the
work) . . . you displayed a level of professionalism and courtesy that seems all too rare these days. I also really appreciated your clear communication to this “mechanical dummy” of the details of the problem and subsequent repair. All in all, you and your tech (whose name escapes me) did a superlative job. I wish you the best of luck with your business in the coming years . . . based on my experience, I’m sure you’ll enjoy outstanding success.

Colleen B.
(1995 Subaru Loyale Wagon)

I had been meaning to thank you for all the help with our Subaru last month.  I  can’t thank you enough as you are truly a life saver and the Suby has never run better.  I am so glad I found you guys and keep up the good work.  Thanks for the Starbucks card!!
Diana T.
(2000 Subaru Legacy wagon)

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  1. I started taking my Subaru here when the dealership stopped being generous with loaner cars. Having All Wheel Drive Auto take care of my car instead is a whole different experience.

    AWD Auto always has a loaner car available, or for short repairs, shuttle service. Their staff is very “real” and discusses everything with you in detail. They also provide detailed documentation. They’re honest, there’s no surprises, and they keep a close eye on any potential problems to keep them from becoming major problems.

    Every time I feel like going “Office Space” on my car (for those who remember the copier/fax scene), AWD Auto finds a solution and fixes it in short order. I sincerely appreciate their professionalism, their efficiency, their availability, and their use of technology.

    It is wonderful to be able to reach “my car guys” via email and take care of business through the website. Justin’s blogs are educational and signing up for updates will keep you up to date on Subaru issues.

    Bringing my car to AWD Auto has taken the dread out of dealing with car repair personnel. These guys have taken automobile service to another level and you will feel the difference. They value and respect their customers, and truly care about what they’re doing.

    Trust me– you will not regret making AWD Auto your go-to guys!

  2. It has been over a year now I have been working with All Wheel Drive Auto and figured it is time to leave a comment.
    I have never had a mechanic before because I never found one I could trust. Well after hearing about these guys on NPR I figured why not. I was smelling a burning antifreeze smell and thought I had a leak in my radiator so I took it in to Justin. He put it up on his rack and did his check on it and long behold a faulty head gasket. I had no idea this was a Subaru problem until I started doing some research myself. Justin showed me where it was leaking from and gave me a quote. Justin’s quote was the best I found and he gave me the feeling of an honest man when I talked to him.
    I have had this new head gasket in for a year and no problems at all. Since then I have had my brakes done there and the occasional oil change when I don’t have time to do it myself.
    These guys are VERY professional and know what they are talking about. I am a regular customer and will be back for as long as I am a Subaru owner which will be forever.
    Thank you AWD Auto for your great staff and wonderful work.


  3. 5 Stars for Justin / AWD Auto!

    My ’97 Outback 2.5L fell prey to the ominous head gasket condition so frequenly talked about on this site.
    Since a facility like AWD Auto doesn’t exist here in CT, having the job done by some random shop wasn’t an option for me.
    I’ve always done my own work on every car I’ve owned, so I decided to take it on with a freind who had a garage, an engine hoist and an engine stand.
    I found AWD Auto through an internet search and after reading Justin’s articles (especially the one about the EXACT sympoms my Outback exhibited!), I figured I’d give AWD Auto a try for the parts I needed.
    Little did I know what kind of experience I’d have with them.
    I called and was surprised when Justin answered; I thought wow, you actually speak with the same guy writing these very informative articles? Very cool.
    I ordered the parts and was happy to see them 3 days later, meticulously packed and in perfect condition.
    Through talking the job over with my freind and Justin, I decided also to replace everything I could while the engine was out. 3 days later, the engine was out and we started dissassembly.
    (Its not difficult to pull the engine but frequently, 15-25 degree New England winter days weren’t ideal for spending all day in the garage…
    What took us 3 weeks probably would have taken 3 days in warmer weather!
    OK, enough rambling…here’s what I’m getting at.
    The parts came with an excellently written guide for doing this job…step by step with torque specs, tips and the
    best chemicals to use…awsome!
    OK, enough rambling…here’s what I’m getting at.
    Justin / AWD Auto turned out to be the most invaluable resource I could have hoped for in guiding us through this challenging job.
    When questions arose, (and there were many) Justin took the time to clearly answer them. I never felt rushed and Justin was eager to see that I had a good outcome.
    This kind of customer service is a rare gem to find these days.
    I couldn’t be more pleased in dealing with AWD Auto.
    My Outback is running and performing better than ever and it gets much better gas mileage.
    Anyone thinking of doing work on a Subaru would be foolish not to use this incredible resource.
    Justin knows Subarus inside and out and has seen it all.
    During the final testing of the job,
    the engine wasn’t running right and the MIL was on. Was the timing off? God, I hope not!
    Desperate, I called Justin yet again.
    I described what was happening and he told me that the coolant temp sensor wasn’t connected.
    Sure enough, that did the trick!
    I couln’t be more satisfied.
    Thank you!

  4. I haven’t received great service and attention from a shop in a long time, until AWD.

    It was time for my 105,000 check up and I knew the dealership was going to charge me an arm and a leg so I decided to do some research on my own and attempt to find a Subaru shop. AWD popped up and I decided to give them a shot. I will tell you that this was one of the best calls I made. When I came to pick up my subaru Justin took me into the garage on showed me, hands on/face to face, what was going on with my car, explained why things needed to be replaced, etc. This was great! Nothing makes me feel better than someonen actually showing me what needs to be fixed rather than taking someones word for it. Being on a budget, Justin gave me several options for repair and a timeline on when he thought I should get things done. This kind of specialized customer service I have not found until my interaction with AWD.

    Justin and his crew know and love Subaru and want the customer to be happy. There is not a better Subaru shop around and I recommend them to everyone I know who drives a Subaru. Great service, great ownership, overall an excellent experience!

    Thanks Justin!

  5. You guys in Seattle are so lucky to have a shop like this!!

    Here in Florida it’s really hard to find a good shop let alone a Subaru guy that wants to help not just take your money.

    The Dealers here are just plain evil, Justin did more to answer my questions over the phone knowing I would never be able to bring my car there than the Subaru service department did knowing I would have too. It’s a shame there isnt more people like you trying to help everyone they can.

    Buddy keep up the good work!

    Dave D.

  6. Warning this will be long!
    On the morning of 12/30/2008, my car started acting funny on the ride to work (Everett to Kirkland), thinking it
    probably needed a tune-up, I dropped my 99 Subaru Forester off at a notable Kirkland location, with a note
    requesting a tune-up.

    And on 12/31/08 I got the call that my car had suffered the thing Subaru’s are known for, a blown head-gasket, and
    the estimage was $1800 bucks…

    Then 2 hours later they call me again to say my whole engine has to go, and finally on Friday, 01/02/09 I am given the complete estimate of $4,851 bucks to fix!!
    Happy New Year! Screaming and crying soon ensued!

    They contacted my warranty company to have the repairs covered, and I was declined and declined and declined.
    My car sat there at that location, for 6 weeks! During which they assured me they were really going to bat for me and doing all they could possibly do…
    I was continuously declined by my warranty company, citing it due to a collapsed piston ring on my 4th ring, due to excessive carbon buildup, and some other technicality.. But lets just say it was something dramatically fake, that these mechanic’s who were supposed to be expert’s on Subaru’s failed to notice or to question it!

    I was at the end of my rope, I had gotten into the habit of calling different mechanics and trying to get some more help or direction, when I happened to find All Wheel Drive Auto or AWD, via google.
    During my break at work, I called them and spoke to Justin Stobbs, I explained my situation in my civilian terms since I do not speak mechanic!
    Not only did he listen, he seemed as properly outraged as I felt. He also took a genuine interest in my problem/fight.
    As soon as I mentioned the carbon buildup and the other strange measurement, he instantly said that was impossible! Or improbable..
    He even asked me to fax him all of my info that I had thus far so he could take a look! Because what I said didn’t
    make any sense.
    He said he would take it home with him to look at… Basically doing homework by choice! After speaking with him, and hearing that! I was sold!

    Now we ran into a few snags, my warranty company AUL really did not want to fulfill their end of the deal. And continued declining my requests. I got into the habit of calling them after I got off work and leaving multiple messages, that I rarely got responses to.

    Justin found that Head Gasket repair was not included in my particular warranty, (Even though I was told otherwise when I purchased the policy), since my car had over 100,000 miles.

    But eventually with the help of AWD and
    Justin Stobbs, they were able to find some severe piston damage (Which explained the knocking sound) that was
    included in my warranty!!

    And as of, Thursday 04/02/09 I was able to drive my Forester home!!

    It had been so long since I’d driven it, my tabs were expired and I’d forgotten how to use my CD player!
    A small price to pay, when I have my investment and freedom back! With a new engine!

    I look back to mid-February when I just happened to stumble apon AWD, and I Thank God that I called them!
    I truly believe I would not have my car back, were it not for all their hard-work, persistance and good will!!!
    AND they washed me car too!!
    I didn’t notice until the next day when my car was shiny!!

    Thanks very much to Justin and the guys at AWD and all they did for me and my car!
    I truly appreciate them for all they did!

  7. I am so impressed with these guys. My car was about to break in two when I brought it in and they put her back together, better than new. They bent over backwards to make it as painless as possible and showed genuine concern for me and my car. Finally, a mechanic I can trust. Thanks guys. Keep up the good work.

    Shawn Griffin
    Bothell, WA

  8. So I’m in town for the weekend visiting family when my car starts to act very strange. but most places are either closed or too busy. Then i called Justin at All Wheel Drive Auto. He made himself available to help me out on his day off, so i would be able to get back home on time. he treated me as if i had been coming to him for years as a loyal customer, yet it was my first visit. i would recommend that anyone who has a Subaru to make this your regular shop for repairs and maintenance. Justin is by far one of most reliable and trust worthy mechanics i have met.
    Thank you so much for helping me on such short notice.
    -Matt O’Brien

  9. Hi Justin – I wanted to thank you so much for all the service and help you have been to me with my car. I feel so assured now that I have someone I can trust and call whenever I have any car questions are repairs. Even when I was stranded with a dead battery, you came right away, got me to the shop and replaced the worn out battery and sent me on my way very quickly.

    Trust and honesty is huge when someone is working on your car especially when I don’t understand what anything is. You have always looked out for my best interest. Explaining what you are doing and what I need. I am so confident of your integrity and expertise, I have recommended you to my family and friends.

    Thank you again.
    Best ~Gail DiRe

  10. I recommend All Wheel Drive Auto with all my confidence and trust. They do a thorough and complete job for a fair price and their level of communication with the customer goes well beyond expectation. Justin is amazing and he has proven his goal is to keep cars safely on the road for as long as possible and providing his customers and the public in general with peace of mind. This business has the integrity and quality that I thought disappeared generations ago. Top Notch!

  11. Justin,

    I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the excellent service and attention to detail you gave me on my 60K mile tune up. You took the time to give me an accurate quote and then took the time after the repair to explain everything that was done and showed me the parts that were replaced. Once again you truly went the above and beyond, Thank you for everything.


    Chad Buehler
    Regional Sales Director

  12. Justin,
    We often hear about car ‘people’ taking advantage of women because they think we are easy targets. I can very much say that I trust you and All Wheel Drive Auto to be honest, fair and competitively priced. I appreciate that you take the time to talk to me, and explain what is happening, why and what the options are. Each time I have had my car in, I have felt like a very valued client and have trusted completely that you are doing excellent work. You and your employees go above and beyond in customer service and that is why you are the one and only person I trust my car with– and HIGHLY recommend you to others.

  13. We’ve been taking our Subaru Impreza Outback to Justin at All Wheel Drive Auto for the past year. We’ve been extremely impressed with the level service provided by Justin and his staff. They are knowledgeable, honest and priced fair. We would recommend using their services for any of your automotive needs.

  14. Hi Justin,

    I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the excellent experience with your company. Your response to me when I had trouble after a repair you did was superb, even though it was not the fault of you or your service, but rather a bad part. You truly went the extra mile! I also was not easy to deal with as I have a complicated schedule that got in the way of the reschedule. Throughout it all, you were pleasant, helpful, and never once upset that you had to do a complimentary redo that was an expensive job to begin with. I work with the public, and it is a pleasure to find someone who is not only excellent at what he does, but provides true customer service, which is a lost art today. I have already begun refering people to you, and I will continue to do so, and will be back in the future. Many thanks again for your excellent business/service all around.


    Deborah Middleton

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