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Expert Subaru Fuel Economy Tips.

With gas prices showing no signs of easing and the fact that we are still months away from what is normally considered “the summer peak driving season” this is when the oil companies get to charge us a little more for gas as the demand goes up, because we are crazy enough to want to take a vacation.

Your only real defense against higher gas prices is to get as much out of every drop of fuel you put in your car, or to just stop driving, but unless you don’t need your car to get to work, chances are the later isn’t going to work out.

Keeping your car in tip top shape can help save you money over the long run and has the added benefit of being better for the environment as well. Cars need periodic maintenance to perform at their peak and if your car isn’t running at its best then you can bet it is costing you money.

Today’s computer controlled cars have built in programming that will allow the ECM (engine control module) to try and compensate for a problem with an individual cylinder due to a dirty fuel injector or worn sparkplug. But sometimes it does this with sacrifice to the overall fuel economy of the vehicle.

Check our archive for articles for specific information on fuel economy tips that will help ease the pain at the pump and keep your Subaru as green as possible.


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