All Wheel Drive Auto: Independent Seattle Subaru Service


Frequently Asked Questions... and the Answers!

Q. What Are Your Hours?

A. The shop itself is open Monday through Friday from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM, Saturdays from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM we do however reply to emails and voicemails left after hours and on weekends.

Q. Can All Wheel Drive Auto Perform Factory Warranty Work?

A. No, All Wheel Drive Auto is an Independent Subaru Service facility, we are not affiliated with Subaru Of America or Fuji Heavy Industries, we can advise you about warranty concerns during routine maintenance but any work paid for by Subaru of America must be done at a Franchised Subaru Dealership.

Q. Does All Wheel Drive Auto Work With Aftermarket Warranty Companies Or Insurance Claims?

A. Yes, we work with most major third Party Aftermarket Warranty Companies and most major Insurance companies as well.

Q. Will Subaru Void My Factory Warranty If I Have Work Performed Outside Of the Subaru Dealers?

A. The Magnuson Moss Warranty Act helps ensure that having service and repair work done outside of the Subaru dealership will not void your manufacturer warranty unless it can be proven that the service performed or part installed on the vehicle resulted in failure of the warrantable item. We employ a staff of factory-trained ASE master technicians and prefer genuine Subaru parts for our repairs along with OEM parts made by the companies that supply parts to Subaru.  The Magnuson Moss Act protects you  maintaining your vehicle at home at home or having a Service performed at an Independent repair shop. See The Magnuson Moss Act for more information.   Magnuson Moss Act

Q.  Does All Wheel Drive Auto Guaranty Their Work?

A. Absolutely yes, all service and repair work is guaranteed by All Wheel Drive Auto, most service and repairs on your Subaru come with a 1 year 15 month warranty, some repairs such as engine replacements or transmission replacements come with longer stated warranties, some services such as a repair made with a used part to save you some money may come with a shorter warranty term.

Q. Do You Provide Loaner Cars?

A. Yes, All Wheel Drive Auto has Subaru loaner cars for you to use, loaner cars are typically reserved for larger maintenance services & Subaru Repairs. We ask that you have proof of full coverage insurance, valid drivers license and replace the fuel you used so there’s some for the next customer.

Q. Do You Provide a Shuttle Service?

A. Yes we provide a local Shuttle service, we typically shuttle within a ten mile radius of the shop but exceptions can be made if needed.

Q. What To Do If My Subaru Has Broken Down After Hours?

A. If you have a tow company you have used in the past its best to contact them and have it Towed to our shop. If you have AAA you can call the number on your membership card. If you need a tow company we use Totem Lake Towing (425 821 9004). We have night drop envelopes and pens just to the right of our first service bay door for you or a tow truck driver to use.  Please email us  and let us know the car is coming, or if you prefer call and leave us a voicemail.  We will do our best to get it looked at the next day after it arrives and get you back on the road.

Q. Can I Bring My Subaru To You After Hours?

A. Yes, Please park and lock your car in a parking stall. We have night drop envelopes and pens just to the right of our first service bay door for you to fill out to the best of your ability, place the keys in the envelope and the envelope in the slot.  We will contact you with any questions after checking the vehicle in, if needed.

Q. Does All Wheel Drive Auto Perform Auto Body Or Collision repair.

A.  Actually no we suggest L-M Auto Body in Kirkland  (425-821-8074) we have been using them for years our selves, they are good people and will take great care of you and your Subaru.

Q. What Is All Wheel Drive Auto’s Relationship to AWD Auto Sales?

A. We do some inspections, services and repairs for a used sales lot in Monroe. While we share a similar name and logo we are two separate companies.

Work performed for AWD Auto in Monroe does not have a transferable warranty.  The only warranty All Wheel Drive Auto offers is to the original purchaser.

We feel that the cars sold by AWD Auto sales have a leg up on other cars you may consider, but we cannot guarantee your experience.