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Get Your Subaru Ready For Fall & Winter Seattle!

Fall is here, Is you Subaru ready for winter?


Things to look at on your Subaru now that the leaves are starting to turn color are as follows.


The engine oil level and condition should be inspected, if it has been longer than a few months since it has been changed now is the time.


Engine coolant should be inspected for level, proper freeze protection and for any signs of contamination.


The wiper blades should be checked for streaking, tears and cracks.  Windshield washer fluid should be checked for level and freeze protection as well.


Tires should be checked for the proper pressure, wear, punctures (screws and nails) and for weather checking this is also a good time to consider rotating and balancing the tires as well.


All of the lights should be checked for proper function and the head light lenses inspected for any signs of dulling or pitting as this can be corrected and greatly improve night time visibility.


If the Subaru is due for any maintenance such as the transmission fluid or differential fluids being serviced now is the time, as starting out the cold part of the year with fresh fluids will go a long way in protecting the devices the fluids are intended to lubricate.


The coolant hoses and accessory drive belts should be inspected and replaced if the hoses feel soft or crunchy, or if the belts are cracked or frayed.


This is a good time to inspect the spare tire, vehicle jack and lug wrench, a flat spare tire really won’t do you much good.


The battery should be serviced and tested; the charging and starting systems looked at as well including the battery cables.


These are just a few examples of ways to get your Subaru ready for fall and winter; a little preventative maintenance can go a long way towards a trouble free Fall and Winter driving season.


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