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How To Avoid Expensive Car Repairs With Your Subaru In Seattle.

Why you should have your car inspected before the warranty runs out!

If you have a car that has a warranty that is about to expire, you should really have a good thorough inspection done by an independent shop. Even if you aren’t having any problems there may be minor things that could turn into major issues after the warranty runs out.

Having someone who specializes in one particular make such as we do with Subaru is even just that much better. We can look at things we know to be common with the vehicle, and report back with our findings. This is especially helpful if there are any campaigns that we are aware of.

A campaign is somewhat similar to a recall except the driver isn’t ever made aware of it in many situations. If a car manufacturer wants to cut their warranty expense and provide good service they will provide the technicians with information to help speed up the process of diagnosing and repairing a problem. Sometimes the process involves updated parts that you can get for free if you know how the system works. A good independent shop like All Wheel Drive Auto stays up to date on common issues with your car.

This gives the driver an opportunity to go back to the dealer armed with factual information as to items that need attention before the warranty is up. The service department at the dealer is not going to call you and schedule an appointment for an inspection and offer to fix it all under warranty before it is too late. You must take the first step yourself.

Chances are your car cost you a lot of money and you may still be making payments on it. The only way you can get as much value as you can, is to be proactive with your car. This means not waiting until something happens before addressing it.

When you buy a new home, often times the builder schedules a time to walk through the house and take care of items that have come up such as cracked sheet rock due to settling. Why should you approach your car any differently? With as much as you spent you deserve full value out of your hard earned money.

At All Wheel Drive Auto we pride ourselves in offering the best relevant information about your Subaru, as well as quality fixed right the first time repairs and service.


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