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How Two Hours Can Save You Money Maintaining Your Subaru In Seattle and Across the USA.

Read your Owners manual.

In this day and age and due to the hectic pace of life many of us are forced to deal with.

There just isn’t enough time to take a few hours and read through your cars owners’ manual. But in this case exceptions really need to be made.

I realize that the Owners manual for your Subaru or any other car you own is not going to be very exciting reading by any stretch of the imagination. There is such a wealth of information in the manual, with regards to obtaining as much value out of your vehicle investment as possible.

I am often amazed at how many people still think the check engine light comes on at a predetermined mileage interval rather than indicating a problem. A quick read in the owner’s manual in the right section should clear up that myth. The check engine light comes on only when the vehicles computer commands it on as a result of a potential problem mostly in regards to the vehicle emissions system.

Also in the owner’s manual will be the section that spells out that anyone can service your Subaru or any other car for that matter including yourself! With no affect on the warranty.

But more importantly the manual is filled with vital information with regards to how often fluids and filters should need attention. How to safely operate the vehicle, how to change a flat tire, fluid requirements, on newer models there will be information about the alarm and keyless entry systems. This list can go on forever.

Knowing about these things can really save you money and keep you informed about your car.

Under maintaining or over maintaining your Subaru can really be costly as time passes by.

With gas prices at historic levels it is especially important right now to try and get as much out of your automotive dollar as possible. An hour or two spent reading your owners manual can go a long way in not only keeping you informed, but can also greatly reduce your costs and keep you safer.


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