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Is Your Subaru Ready For Seattle’s Winter?


It’s really better to know for sure than it is to find out the hard way.   

With what has been in the news as of late in regards to the economy.  I think that everyone can relate to the feeling of tightening up our spending.  Ignoring needed maintenance with your car can actually cost you much more in the long run especially putting off oil changes and maintenance services.

So you’re due for your 60k service and the Subaru dealer has quoted you over $600.00 that may really be a lot of money to you right now and as a result you put off the whole thing.  Why not do what is truly needed right now and budget for the rest, that’s what All Wheel Drive Auto offers you, flexibility.  In some cases the whole service may be the best course of action ad we can save you a lot of money if that is the case.  In some instances maybe the air filter can go until the next oil change, the gear oil a few months longer, let’s focus on the oil, coolant and transmission fluid right now and make sure the levels of the rest of the fluids are full and get through winter and worry about the rest this spring.

We are just like you, middle class feeling the pinch and looking for ways to save some money.   What we truly don’t want to see happen is neglected maintenance turning into costly repairs down the road.   Offering some flexibility right now and understanding how we all seem to be feeling right now is what makes us a little different.  You drive our reputation!  We always want to do as much as we can to help you out as our customer by offering real value and options when you need them.


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