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Keep Your Subaru Seattle!

Some of the recent trends we have seen as of late suggest it really makes a lot of sense to consider keeping your Subaru around.

Unless you replace your Subaru with another model that gets significantly better fuel economy you just aren’t getting much for your money right now.

Oil and gas prices are starting to come down but to what levels?

The reality is we will most likely be dealing with prices north of three dollars from now on. The trend for the last decade is up a bunch and down a little setting a “higher” lower price.

Living in Seattle and the surrounding area it’s pretty obvious that mass transit isn’t ever really going to happen. We are going to be stuck with are cars as our primary method of transportation for quite some time.

Taking care of what you own for a few more years while vehicle manufactures come to market with a different breed of vehicle is maybe a great way to go right now.

Putting a little into your Subaru right now and waiting for the 2011 and 2012 models to come out should offer you a lot more choices in regards to hybrids and alternative fuels, and this is part of what we need to do to decrease our oil consumption while forcing the car makers to build these cars.

The only time Vehicle manufactures really offer better cars is when they have trouble selling what they are already making.

In Seattle and the greater Puget Sound region the only way we will use less oil is to increase our cars economy. The only way this will happen is if we continue to demand better choices in regards to fuel efficiency and alternative fuels. Every time we make the choice to keep our current car longer, the more realistic are chances of decreasing our dependency on foreign oil becomes.

Any time we can replace a car getting 20 mpg with one that gets 40 we are also doing the environment a lot of good as well.


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