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Looking For A Better Way To Buy A Subaru?

Through the years I have seen a lot in the automotive industry. Cars can be very frustrating and emotional. Buying a new or used Subaru can be about as much fun as a root canal in some cases. But there is a better way. Some used car dealers stand out in the crowd as a better place to do business. And this is the case in our opinion of Auto Connections East in Bellevue, which is owned by Stu Cordova. We have also heard good things about Mike Wallace and the rest of the staff as well. Auto Connections East, unlike many used car dealers takes the time to have the cars they sell inspected and incurs the expense of having them serviced prior to putting the car up for sale. They also offer a new car buying service that eliminates the need to go to the big dealership and haggle over prices. So if you are in the Market for a good quality used vehicle or want to save the time and hassle of the Dealership on a new car purchase give Auto Connections East a try.


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