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Make Sure Your College Student’s Subaru Is Ready For The School Year

Get your college student ready for school by making sure their Subaru or any other car they drive is ready for fall and the start of the new school year.

Having your son or daughter call from a few states away or just on the other side of Washington State with a broken down car can really be a bummer. Where do you take the car? Does the shop know very much about Subaru’s? Is there any value having to have panic repairs?

The answer to the last question is most definitely no.

All Wheel Drive Auto can perform a thorough inspection and make sure their car will make it through this year’s College year. So they can focus on what they are there for.

A good inspection would include looking at the belts, hoses, brakes, lights, tires, suspension and steering.

Maintenance is always cheaper than repairs, especially ones made during a panic after something has quit working on the car.


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