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New Oil Filter For The 2011 Subaru Forester

Subaru Oil H4 Filter New VS Old


If you are a Subaru fan you may be aware that Subaru redesigned the 4 cylinder Boxer engine going into the 2011 Subaru Forester.  I am very happy to inform our readers that the new engine design allows for the use of a much larger oil filter Part # 15208AA130.

New Oil filter 2011 Subaru Forester Vs the Old
New Oil filter 2011 Subaru Forester Vs the Old

Pictured above the new filter on the right Vs the old one on the left.

I have often commented on the previous oil filter being to small in size in my opinion.  Subaru has also reestablished their relation ship with Tokyo Roki who makes a much superior oil filter in my opinion than Honey well.  Tokyo Roki still makes the oil filter for the H6 (3.0l & 3.6l) and used to make the 15208 AA100 for the H4 until it was superceeded to the 15208AA12A.

Its Important to note as well that Subaru Requires Synthetic Oil for the 2011 Subaru Forester.

The move to a bigger oil filter is a much needed one in my opinion, I don’t as of yet believe it is backwards compatible to fit the older H4 engines but will post an update when I know more

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  1. Gresham Subaru says the 130 oil filter fits all 2011 non-turbo Foresters manufactured before 4/2011, while those manufactured after 4/2011 take the (smaller) 12A filter. they couldn’t tell me if the 130 filter will still fit the later vehicle.

    1. Hello Bruce,

      I couldn’t disagree more as you should not put a 130 in place of a 12a on the Turbo models, or most newer models due to the clearance of the exhaust.

      That’s one of the primary reason Subaru had to relocate the oil filter up top.

      The Catalytic convertor was moved closer to the Cylinder heads to increase efficiency (not the only reason) and as such the exhaust design was changed, the oil filter was surrounded by the pre cat and header pipe, this allows the oil to heat up too soon.

      This is a classic case of thinking because it threads on its okay to use thinking, and highlights the fact that most at a Dealer are just there for a paycheck and have no real interest in expanding their knowledge base.

      Thanks for the post but they have it all wrong or there was some sort of communication lapse, by the way SOA has the right to deny a warranty if the wrong oil filter is used if the claim was related to lubrication.


  2. There is company here in Indiana who is saying the 15208AA12A is the same as their M4612 MIghty Auto Parts oil filter. The stark difference is that the M4612 does not have a high pressure valve in the top like the 15208AA12A, 15208AA130 and 160. How can the OE manufacturers get away with doing this to consumers? My forester per Subaru takes the 15208AA130 or 160 since its a non-turbo but they say the turbo 15208AA12A can work too? I get so confused by this when these filters vary so drastically.

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