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One Reason Why Your Subaru Head Gasket Repair May Not Last?

Failed Aftermarket Subaru Head Gasket

One Reason Why Your Subaru Head Gasket Repair May Not Last?


In the Picture below you will see the “Whiz Wheel” marks I often comment about and express opposition to.

Failed Aftermarket Subaru Head Gasket
Failed Aftermarket Subaru Head Gasket

This is a far cry from a refinishing average of RA 50; this head gasket had no chance of sealing against such a coarse surface and as a result it didn’t.  The Customer had a general repair shop do this repair; they did it in the car using improper repair methods and as a result the repair did not last.


Using the right parts and having the repair done by a Skilled Subaru Technician who takes pride in what they do is the right way to go.  This will yield better results than a hurried repair done by the lowest bidder, or someone who has to work on anything that comes in the door, especially if they use a whiz wheel to clean and prep the surfaces.  This surface could have just as easily be done at the Subaru Dealership but I would like to add this was an ” Ebay Gasket Kit”


So if faced with a Head Gasket repair on your Subaru, ask the right questions.


Will the Engine come out?

How will the Surface be prepared?

What kind of Head Gasket will you use?



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  1. Hello everyone!

    I hope this is a “somewhat” appropriate blog to use for this post. As you can probably tell, I’m new here :). I’ve got a 1999 Subaru Legacy Outback Limited. It’s got the EJ25D, 2.5L DOHC, engine (Phase 1, I think) and is paired with a Phase 2 4EAT transmission. About a week ago, my head-gaskets blew. I’m looking into my options. At this point, I can either replace the head-gaskets or put a new engine in. The head-gasket replacement will be about $800, but I’m worried about internal damage since the engine temp has spiked several times and the car was forced to run under that condition for several minutes each time. The new engine will be about $2000 if I had to guess. At this point, I’m just trying to get my options in order. I have several questions regarding this situation:

    1.) Assuming I get a new engine, what other engines can be swapped into my car? I’ve never been satisfied with the performance of my engine, so this would be my opportunity to solve this dilemma.

    2.) How much power can the Phase 2 4EAT take without serious modifications?

    3.) How expensive/difficult would it be to rewire my car for a new engine?

    4.) Assuming I just replace my head-gaskets, which ones should I use?

    5.) Is there any cost effective way to improve the performance of my current engine if I end up keeping it?

    I know I’m asking a lot, but I’d appreciate any info this community could provide.


    1. Hello Richard,

      I am not sure if you are going to try and do this yourself?

      A HG replacement at a shop will be higher than 800, There is no new engine you can buy for a 1999 only Subaru reman shortblocks (minus heads and timing components).

      There is really no performance modification you are going to make short of putting in a WRX or STI engine and that’s going to be upwards of $10,000 so why not just buy a WRX? Please see FAQ #10.

      If you wan to replace the head gaskets the updated Subaru gasket for the 1999 DOHC is the best option.

      Hope that helps


  2. Good Morning Justin,
    I sent u some pics of my power steering pump in an effort to hopefully get some replacement parts a couple months ago. I haven’t heard from u since but another problem has arisen. On early mornings when I leave home my engine revs from 1st to 2nd gear as if the transmission is bad (it sounds as if I’m trying to accelerate in neutral), as the day progresses though this stops! I’d appreciate any insight before I head to the mechanic as he’s not a Subaru specialist. There aren’t much in Trinidad…

    1. Hello Kurt,

      I am sorry if you did not receive the last email stating I wasn’t comfortable sending you parts as I just wasn’t sure I could supply you with the proper ones.

      Have you checked the Trans fluid level? It sounds like you are describing a slipping transmission in which case it could be one or more of many things at fault and it would need to be evaluated locally, and I understand that its tough to do that where you reside. But fluid level is all I can tell you to look at your self.

      Sorry I cant offer more.


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