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Some Of Our Fantastic Customers Share Their Experiences.

Graeme G.’s Review of: All Wheel Drive Auto Wow, what great service! (rating 5 out of 5)

I’ve never had someone I could refer to as “my go to guy” for service
  on my Subaru Outback and my Subaru Impreza. Actually, I’ve never had a
  “go to guy” for any car I’ve ever owned. For that reason I’ve never
  been inspired to write a review for a mechanic before. But in
  Kirkland’s All Wheel Drive Auto I’ve found a team that I can trust
  with my cars. There is nothing in my life more important to me than
  making sure my family is safe; a critical part of that is making sure
  that my vehicles are sound, and I can know that my wife and children
  can go out and be safe on the roads.

Justin has proven himself to really care – not just about my Subaru
  Outback and my Impreza, but about me, as well. I can trust him to look
  out for my best interests; he’s up front and honest, and his prices
  are very fair. Honestly, I don’t know how his prices compare to other
  mechanics – either Subaru specialists or generalists – but it doesn’t
  matter to me because I trust him.

Just be warned – he cares deeply about the impact of our vehicles on
  the environment; if you’re not careful, you’ll get a master’s level
  discourse on how our vehicles could run better if only… Justin’s
  awesome – try him out, and you’ll see why.

Justin and Randy:

Just wanted to send a word of appreciation…What everybody wants in an auto service provider is to be able to trust two things: 1. That you are experts 2. That you won’t over-charge.

You went beyond ensuring that trust, and made it so pleasant for me to do business with you. Thank you for being extra-beyond-the-call-of-duty helpful, for providing printed copies of manufacturer’s instructions for a specific type of wind-noise repair, for doing such a thorough job of the post-purchase inspection of my Legacy. Thanks also for the convenience and the loaner/rental car, which really took a lot of headache out of getting the car serviced. And thanks for the Starbucks gift card! On top of all that, I appreciate your sense of humor. =) …

I could not be happier with your service (unless you provided it completely free of charge 🙂 ). Consider me a lifetime customer.

Best regards,

Michelle B.
Kirkland, WA

Dear Justin,

I’ve been meaning for a long time to write you a thank you note letting you know what a pleasure it has been to do business with you as well as get to know you. Greg and I greatly appreciate you and your employee’s hard work, knowledge about engines/cars, honesty, and your easy-going and friendly manner. You have gone above and beyond to ensure we are satisfied and taken care of, and you will always be the mechanic we choose. We’d be happy to give a recommendation if you ever need one.

Megan and Greg H.

PS – the Subaru is running great in the heat, thanks for the follow-up call

Sarah S.’s Review of: All Wheel Drive Auto Exceptional Customer Service! (rating 5 out of 5)

Safety is my #1 concern when it comes to my car. Therefore, I don’t
like to leave her in the hands of just any Joe Jiffy. When I expressed
my concern about my check engine light being on to an acquaintance, he
said he too has a Subaru and referred me to Justin at All Wheel Drive
Auto. A referral is a thousand times better than a fancy commercial
with a catchy jingle. So, I took my car there for a diagnosis. When
Justin took the time to show me under my hood what he and Randy found,
I knew he had my safety in mind and that he was honest. He already had
me at “Let me show you under the hood.” But when I came back and he
arranged and PAID FOR! a rental car for me for the day, I was shocked!
Now that’s customer service!! I recommend All Wheel Drive Auto to

Hello Justin – – – Thanks SO MUCH for all your help last Friday and Saturday (April 13th and 14th). I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your immediate response to my automotive predicament. From my first phone contact with you, to arriving at your shop with my car on Alan’s (Totem Lake Towing) flat-bed truck, to the careful attention to and repair of my car (including chasing down the necessary parts late on Friday afternoon and coming in on Saturday morning to complete the
work) . . . you displayed a level of professionalism and courtesy that seems all too rare these days. I also really appreciated your clear communication to this “mechanical dummy” of the details of the problem and subsequent repair. All in all, you and your tech (whose name escapes me) did a superlative job. I wish you the best of luck with your business in the coming years . . . based on my experience, I’m sure you’ll enjoy outstanding success.

Colleen B.
(1995 Subaru Loyale Wagon)

I had been meaning to thank you for all the help with our Subaru last month.  I  can’t thank you enough as you are truly a life saver and the Suby has never run better.  I am so glad I found you guys and keep up the good work.  Thanks for the Starbucks card!! 
Diana T.   
(2000 Subaru Legacy wagon)

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  2. I recently had a minor accident in my ’05 Outback which required the replacement of a wheel and suspension arm, but my car just doesn’t drive the same now. After endless back-and-forths to the body shop and not getting any help or real response from my local Subaru dealership garage, I searched the web in desperation to try to find an answer. The folks at All Wheel Drive Auto responded to my e-mail in less than 12 hours and offered some very helpful advice, advice no one else seemed able to give me. I only wish I could have them service my car!

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