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Still here for you and your Subaru.

We are still here for you and your Subaru

We are still here for you and your Subaru Service needs. The work performed at All Wheel Drive Auto falls under essential services. We will continue to stay open Monday through Friday from 7:00 am until 6:00 Pm. We have temporarily suspended Saturday service until the end of April.

If your Subaru is in need of service we are here for you and we are offering 15% off labor with no maximum discount, until the end of March. We know that for a great many of our customers this is a stressful and trying time, and we want to do our part to help. If you find yourself in a situation where you are really in a bind we may be able to try and source a aftermarket or used part to try and help further.

1.Service appointments are being limited to not having more than two customers waiting at the same time. This might impact our availability to you if you need to wait for service, but we feel it’s prudent to allow our customers to choose to social distance as they see fit.

2. There is now a seating area set up outside for those of our customers that would prefer to wait outdoors during their service appointments.

3. We had already taken steps to allow for After Hours Drop off and pick up. Meaning, you can have your Subaru serviced with us without ever seeing one of us or have any personal contact with any staff member. You can also pick up a Loaner car after-hours using this new key pick up service.

4. Technicians are washing their hands before and more importantly after being in your Subaru, keep in mind that our techs also wear disposable gloves while servicing your Subaru.

5. Loaner cars are being sanitized when checked back in and again right before we give you one. These are just some of the steps we have taken as of late at All Wheel Drive Auto.

Your Subaru is an essential part of your life, we hope to always prove ourselves essential to your Subaru. We are here for you when you need us

-Justin Stobb







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  1. Should I be concerned about catalytic converter theft on my ‘10 Forester? Or does PZEV technology not use catalytic converters? Maybe a good subject for your next blog post.

    1. Hello Nicholas,

      Your PZEV has multiple Convertors. Auto theft, theft of Auto parts, and crime in general is on the rise in many parts of the U.S., this is in my opinion going to get worse before it gets better. As far as writing a blog post about it, it would with out a doubt turn political which I just try and avoid on the blog.

      So yes your Forester is at risk for Catalytic Convertor theft, ultimately where you live and your crime rate will more so than the type of car you drive determine just how at risk you are.


  2. Justin, ty very much for that, no one has even mentioned what you did. Not able to contact area 1320 right now but I will. Do I have to put it on the dyno and run it again?

    1. Hey Peter,

      So is a Tuner reviews data logs and sees a table out of scale, they may just revise the current Map and send it to you. I cant really know if that is how 1320 operates or if there is a recognizable issue with your current Map. If it needs a full tune, that should be done on the Dyno.


  3. Hi Justin,
    TY for replying. It is a protune completed by Area 1320 Here in PA. I have asked them about the issue and for some reason really never give an answer. As I said in my e mail, no one really wants to discuss it.. Its to the point where Im afraid to drive the car for fear of damaging bearings or something. this is a daily driver and never driven hard and never sees the track.
    TY for any advice

    1. Hey Peter,

      If you were local to us, we had tuned it and you felt it was running to rich, My Tuner would ask you to send us the data logs, id suggest you do that with 1320, I am also sure they are probably backed up like my Performance shop is as well so it might take a bit. Its just a car with a math problem most likely.


  4. My 17 Forester XT has had fuel in the oil odor from almost day one. Took to dealer and they told me it was normal a few times, one service manager said he didnt smell anything and still another pretty much called me a liar. The oil level does creep up but only slightly. The vehicle has 23000 miles. The vehicle has pretty much all the modifications that everyone else does including a tune. Only a 278 hp tune. cold air intake, exhaust etc etc. I was told the issue is everything from bad fuel injectors to the tuner pushing to much fuel pressure. No one and I repeat no one wants to take my problem on. I change the oil and im very serious about this, once a month, every 30 days, have not had an oil analysis, use top tier premium gas and Pennzoil platinum 5W30. Any advice anyone can give me would be greatly appreciated. I live in PA so it would be hard for me to bring vehicle to you to diagnose. Thanks in advance

    1. Peter,

      When you say “Tune” is this a OTC (Off The Shelf) or a actual Tune done on a Dyno by a pro tuner in the area for which you reside and use the Subaru? If its an OTC its going to Run rich. If its an E-Tune thats the worst thing you can do


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