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Subaru 2.5L SOHC Head Gasket Kit

You can purchase the Six Star SOHC Head Gasket Kit here.

Subaru Six Star TURBO Pair Head Gaskets 2006-2014 Impreza 2006-2012 Legacy/Outback/Forester XT

You can learn about the MLS Gasket here.

If you wish to purchase only the 6 Star Head Gaskets for the Subaru SOHC 2.5l only you can do so here.

Head Gasket Kit 2006-09 Subaru Legacy or Outback 2006-10 Forester, 2006-12 Impreza 2.5l SOHC

If you dont have one of these models please use the request a quote form instead.


5 Responses

  1. I have a 2010 Forester XT.

    Head gasket failed at 95,000 miles. Had a shop replace, but now car is at 140k and I am 95% sure the headgaskets have failed again, loses several cups of coolant in a 20 mile drive and no external visible leaks. In the process of doing an exhaust gas in coolant test to confirm.

    I’m aware the XT’s have the supposedly better gasket from the factory. For turbos, do you recommend an OEM gasket or the 6 star?

    Last failure I had the shop do it, this one I will do myself because I never want to do it again and want to make sure it done right. I suspect some warpage on the head or block to be responsible, that or the shop that did it just plain did a crap job.

    Editorializing, I’ve owned roughly a dozen Subarus, including normally aspirated 96, 99, and 05 2.5L engines. I went in eyes open to each one to the head gasket issues and none of those failed. This 2010 is the very first car I have ever purchased brand new, and part of the decision making process was to go turbo to avoid headgasket concerns. This 2010 is the biggest lemon of a Subaru I have ever owned. 🙁

    1. Hello Jeff,

      For the Turbo Applications really either one is fine, they are both MLS type gaskets, I do feel like the Six Star would hold up a little better if its modified at all however.

      If its loosing coolant and not being pushed out of the overflow bottle you might have a cracked cylinder liner. Be sure to look for that.

      95k for a HG on a Turbo seems really strange to me. That’s really early we don’t typically see issues if we do I will add until well over 150k. That’s just not common.

      Thanks for posting


  2. can you tell me if I ordered the timing idlers on my 2002 outback about 3 years ago?

    Do you have all my orders still on file?

    the problem is My idlers are shot and I thought I replaced them about 30,000 miles ago

    thank you Justin


    1. Hello Dean,

      I looked at your orders and we have only ever sold you either a head gasket kit or just the head gaskets. I would suspect if they have failed in just 30,000k they were from china?


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