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Subaru AC Service Special

Keep your Subaru AC blowing cold this summer!   Over time it is normal for your Subaru to lose a little bit of refrigerant as this happens the outlet temperature will be affected and the AC compressor will run longer as a result.  Your Subaru ac system needs periodic maintenance and there is oil that lubricates  the AC compressor that you don’t want to ever run low.

The 2000 to 2004 Subaru Legacy, Legacy GT and Outback have had some problems with leaks at both the high side hose from the AC compressor to the Condenser (mounted in front of the radiator) and the Low side AC hose from the Compressor to the Evaporator core (in the Dash area).   These leaks should be caught early to prevent non function or worse a system that works while it is low on refrigerants and oil as well.

A standard AC service usually runs $129.99 from now until the end of June we are going to offer this service for $99.99.  This service includes a before and after performance test, leak test, complete recovery and recycle of refrigerant in the vehicle, evacuation of the system to remove moisture and increase AC system performance, new oil and refrigerant back into the system.  If during the test we find a leak is present we will bring this to your attention as just like a hole in a tire, if it isn’t repaired it will just leak back out.  Not to mention that a leaking AC system is very hard on the environment as well.

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  1. Greetings Justin, great site! My question involves the A/C on an 04 Baja Turbo. Soon after replacing the idler pully driving @ highway speed in the Texas heat the fan just stopped. No a/c light no air flow, nothing! It seems every time the compressor engages it blows the fuse. I had refilled it with refrigerant with the pulley and was told filling too much could cause this. Bled the system and added just a little. It worked fine…for about a half hour then blew the fuse? Please help, thanks in advance.

  2. Is the problem you referenced with the AC Condenser hose to the evaporator core likely to cause water gathering on the floor of the passenger seat area?

    My 2006 Outback started to do this on a long trip. Is this under warranty or callback?

    Please help me – I want to know what I’m dealing with before I do any work myself or take it somewhere.


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