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Subaru Check Engine Light Code Reader Suggestion


Questions that I seem to get a lot pertain to the Check engine light on your Subaru coming on unexpectedly (is there any other way) and a lot of questions really go unanswered as the light is meaningless with out a code thus any advice I am able to give is typically limited as a result.  As found in the two articles I have written in regards to the check engine light on your Subaru vehicle.

I thought I would start to suggest some products that might help narrow the gap a bit, and I really do need to point out that it is my opinion that every 1996 and newer vehicle should have a basic code scanner in the glove box or the cargo area, that way if it comes on you can at least scan it your self and if its a gas cap related code move on and if its a misfire code get it into the shop as well as having some sort of basic idea as to what system may be a affected. If you can work a smart phone you can work a code reader. Knowing the code is just step one but its a step in the right direction.

If you own a code reader such as the one I have linked two below, when asking about a check engine light you will have a code number and I can at least point you in some sort of a direction and make suggestions about whether or not you can ignore it or should stop driving it.

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  1. I have my CEL come on. I got it read a handful of times and it reads P0502. What does this mean? I don’t want the mechanics to rip me off for something I don’t need.

    1. Hello Jeremy,

      P1101 pertains to the Neutral switch. It could need a switch or something else entirely.

      It means that you need to buy a service manual or subscribe to a “one day data pass” from AllData or the likes and diagnose why the code is set by finding the fault in the circuit.

      Or take it to a shop that can. I cant know what is wrong from here and thus cant offer specific advise only put you on the right track to getting the Subaru taken care of.


      1. thank you i dont have the money to take it to the shop that is why i need to know how to do it myslef

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