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Subaru FAQ # 2 Why Are My Parking Lights Flashing After I replaced the Battery?



Q. My Battery went dead, I had to jump or replace it and now my lights are flashing, What can I do?

A.You may have just found out your vehicle has Keyless entry even if you don’t have a key fob. If by chance you have your remote simply unlocking and locking the car with the remote will resolve it, if not you will need to locate the Valet switch under the dash somewhere you can look at the picture below, the valet switch will be close to this control unit if you locate it  (it could be anywhere as these were Dealer installed) then with the key on depress the valet switch this should deactivate the system, if you dont have a remote and would like to obtain one now that you now you have the system you can try to obtain one.

If you are unable to locate your Valet switch there are a couple of different options.

  • Try contacting us at 425 828 3600  and we can offer tips over the phone .
  • Email for some suggestions.
  • Lastly you can swing by during normal business hours and we can help.

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