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Subaru FAQ # 5, My Tire pressure light came on, but when I check the tire pressure they are all ok, what’s going on?

Subaru Tire Pressure Light


A. There is some sort of a malfunction the the tire pressure monitoring system that needs to be evaluated, the most common thing we see currently is the batteries in the Sensors failing right around the 5 year mark. The light is just an irritant and as long as the tire pressure is ok, you should be fine to drive it until you can get your Subaru in.

 Subaru Tire Pressure Light
Tire Pressure Light on a Subaru

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  1. Once again the information garnered from your web site on the TPMS has saved me from losing $102 from the Stealership !!

    The 6 Star head gasket kit that I purchased from you really blew them away too.

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