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Subaru Legacy Gt Project

This Subaru had gone through a rough spell that included a timing belt coming off that resulted in the need for a valve job.
Rather than spend money merely to repair the car back to stock this customer opted to try and enhance the performance of this very nice looking older Subaru Legacy GT.
Before the WRX craze hit, there really wasn’t much in the way of performance parts for the Subaru and even now that the market place is overflowing with performance parts for the WRX, STI and newer GT there really are not a lot of options for the Older Subies.
Here is what we did to this fine example of an Older Legacy Gt.
Delta Cams regrind of the camshafts to change the camshaft profile.
We also replaced the Header pipe with one from Borla. Because of a serious lack of desirable cat back exhaust systems we opted to let an exhaust shop that can still build an exhaust system take a crack at changing the tone of the GT.
The changes made a noticeable difference in the midrange of the GT, but the idle quality did suffer a little as will happen when the camshaft profile is changed. Well worth the couple of hundred extra the whole thing cost on top of just a normal Valve job. A good way to turn a bad car day, into a worthwhile repair and performance upgrade.

Subaru Gt Header Pipe
Subaru Gt Header Pipe Subaru Engine
Subaru Engine
Subaru Engine

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