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Subaru Maintenance Tip, How to Avoid a Dead Battery in your Modern Subaru

Most of us just are not using our cars the same way we were a couple of months ago and as we try and climb our way back to some sort of normal routine (which would include driving your Subaru) a lot of our customers are learning that most 2015 and newer Subaru’s will most likely have a dead battery after sitting dormant for a couple of weeks. If your Subaru still has the OE Battery and is a 2017 an older vehicle I would strongly suggest replacing the battery as maintenance, and not wait for it to stop performing for you.

I’ve written about this prior, you can read that blog post here. 

But to recap that prior post, modern Subaru’s have a lot more systems than they did a decade ago, in reality all cars do.  All of these new systems have modules needing some sort of constant voltage to them, that way when you do go to start your Subaru all systems are ready to work at start up.

Regardless of the age of the battery there is another step you can take to prevent being stranded at home and that’s a good battery maintainer.  I prefer the smart or automatic type that will help prevent overcharge situations.  This is a connect it and forget it device.  However after saying that I do suggest you don’t forget to disconnect it prior to heading out in your Subaru.  Here is a link below to a product suitable for your Subaru.

Hope this helps you avoid a dead battery in your Subaru, as that’s just never a welcome event. 

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  1. Do you have any concerns over the demands of the newer Subaru models with auto start stop technology? Should I disable this to reduce wear and tear in the battery pack?


    1. Hey Matt,

      I am not a big fan of start and stop. Not at all. Anything that moves wears, there is no way this doesn’t over the long run add to ownership costs. The amount it truly reduces pollution is subject to debate.

      Hope that helps


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