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Subaru Oil Filters For Sale

We have had a lot of request for this so we have added a place for you to buy  the Six Star Oil Filters we use at the shop these great filters will fit the 1990 to 2004 Subaru 2.2l and 2.5l  Part number 15208 AA060

The price INCLUDES a new drain plug gasket.


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13 Responses

    1. Some 2005 models have the Exhaust system surrounding the filter, and some do not. If you have the early style than the 15208AA060 works just fine.


  1. Justin,
    I have been using the NAPA Gold 1334 oil filters on my ’01 and ’04 2.5 liter Outbacks. The filter is larger in diameter but the gasket is the same as the smaller Gold 7712 filter. I use the 7712 on my ’09 Impreza. I’ll change the big filters at 5K miles but the little ones go at 3K. This is with full synthetic 5W-30. My local dealer always comments on the “aftermarket filter” when I bring my car in for service. The last time I suggested he check out U-Tube where there is a video of a guy with a new blue Subie filter that he cut apart. Let’s just say you won’t find one on any of my cars.

    1. Hi Doug,

      There are pictures on the site here as well of the Blue Subaru fram filter. My only real knock on the Napa filters is the square cut seal rather than the o-ring type.

      Thanks for your comments


  2. I would like to purchase, from you, the oil filter you recommend and use for the 2004 Forester XT / turbo but am just a bit confused. Assuming it is available, would this be your “better” black filter described above and elsewhere on your web site?
    Thank you-

  3. Justin,
    Will this fit a 2005 Legacy GTLimited Wagon.
    I also left you a question in the turbo blog.

        1. We sell a better oil filter, (I am not a fan of the Blue Subaru Filter made by Honey well) but its really not much bigger, you are limited by the design of the exhaust

          1. Justin,
            Does this oil filter have an anti-drain back valve?
            What is the relief valve P.S.I?

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