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Subaru Ownership Tips

A couple of common things you may not know about your Subaru.


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  1. Oh, d’oh! It was just a browser issue on my end. Feel free to delete this and the previous post. Sorry about that.

  2. Hello Rueben,

    You may not have the cold climate package and that is why there is the plastic place holder, as you don’t have every option available.

    You are going about things the right way.


  3. Hi Justin, Thanks for the tip movie – although I always turn off lights & wipers etc before turning off the ignition, i do sometimes leave the power to the radio on. I thought this draws so little current as not to be a problem, am I wrong? Also my 2000 Outback wagon has an array of push switches (cruise control, fog lights and another non-functional ‘place holder’ switch) that are easy to forget about. Why the place holder switch?
    And a peeve about the design of the car: the turning radius SUCKS!!
    Thanks for your always coherent posts!
    Reuben Freed.

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