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Subaru Parts Price Increases in Seattle


Subaru Parts Price Increases

Subaru does not make a lot of the parts that are used in the production of your Subaru nor the parts sold at the Subaru Dealer parts department.  A lot of the fast moving parts are available in the aftermarket by the same companies that made the parts originally.  However the slower moving parts are typically never available in the aftermarket or any what is called updated components such as the Subaru Clutch kit also known as the Anti Judder kit.

Over the last couple of weeks there have been huge price increases in many of the not available in the aftermarket type components, such as AC hoses and Clutch kits.  This is merely a couple of the items that have recently jumped in price.

This is partly due to the Tsunami and partly due to the rising cost of commodities.  I have never seen such dramatic price increases some items are fetching double what they were just 2 weeks ago.

The Ac hoses are in especially high demand right now and some are on backorder at the time of this posting.   We have over the last few months been dealing with some isolated parts shortages with demand overtaking the amount of supply.  This current situation appears to be a current trend with no real sign of slowing, it’s just going to cost more to repair if your repairs include parts sold only through Subaru’s distribution chain.

I would like to note that the components that have 2 distribution streams, one through Subaru and one in the aftermarket have gone up a very small amount over the last year but for the most part have been mostly isolated from the major price increases the slower moving parts have had recently.

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