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Subaru Parts Special

Subaru 60K Parts

For the Subaru Owner who wants to tackle some of the maintenance aspects of their Subaru themselves we have a parts special for the 1996 to 1999 Legacy Outback with the 2.5l (DOHC) Engine.  This is everything needed to perform the 60k service minus the fluids.  The Service Kit includes Air Filter, PCV Valve, Fuel Filter, Spark plugs (platinum)  and drain plug gasket for the Engine oil pan and Automatic Transmission pan.

The price is $112.49 Shipped anywhere in the US.  Washington State residents will be sent a second invoice for Washington state Sales Tax.

Subaru 60K Parts
Subaru 60K Maintenance Parts

Vin Number Required

If you have another Subaru You would like a Parts kit for Please submit your request below.

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2 Responses

  1. Hi Justin.

    My outback is an 05′ and I dont believe the PCV valve has ever been changed nor did I think it was part of the regular servicing schedule. I ask because I think I saw you on here somewhere saying that an old PCV can be a source of “mystery” oil consumption. I’ve had my head gaskets done, I do not see smoke, no oil leaks, etc, but I had 2 qts every 100 mi (mountain pass driving). Should I give the PCV a try?



    1. Hi Tyler,

      It’s worth a shot, you can always inspect it to see if its stuck open.

      It’s located back side top of the engine block (passenger side) look for a small hose off of the intake manifold down to a pipe fitting just off of the block.

      Hope that helps


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