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Subaru Recalls

I wanted to post some information about three relatively new recalls impacting Subaru Models right now.

There is a recall that affects the wiper motor on the Subaru Legacy and Outback models produced from 2010 to 2011, there is a possibility that the wiper motor can overheat and yes catch fire.

There is a Recall affecting the Moon roof on the 2011 Outbacks and Legacy Models that is much smaller in scale.

Lastly there is a much larger recall that is affecting the 2003-2008 Forester, and 2002-2007 Impreza except STI,  and 2005-2006 Saab 9-2x this one pertains to Rust or corrosion affecting the front suspension is the most serious if you live on he East coast or Midwest were rust is an issue.

If you own one of these affected models you should contact your Local Subaru Dealership and get your Car scheduled in.

I hope this helps and Thanks For Reading



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  1. I have a 2005 Subaru Forester 2.5, and purchased a set of Yokohama Avid OEM tires less than 20k miles ago. I was at our dealer getting an oil change/tire rotation, and the service mgr told me that they noticed there was a “blister” on my FR tire. They rotated it to the RR. He told me it was due to the “toe” being out of alignment on the car. I explained that we had everything done @ the his shop, and I would have thought this would have possibly been picked up on by the shop. He basically told me I was out of luck, and would need to have the car aligned and purchase 4 new tires… What are your thoughts on this situation? Can I replace just the defective tire, or do I need to do all 4? I really hate putting the money out for 4 new tires considering we have less than 20k miles on them? Thanks!!

    1. You don’t want to have more than a 3/32 variance between tires front to rear or side to side. Most likely a tire that has 20,000 miles on it will be worn down to about 7 to 8/ 32 where a new tire will be closer to 12/32.

      You can damage the AWD system in your Subaru if this occurs.

      Options include buying 4 new tires, or one and having that tire shaved to match. Shaved? Yes it is a service that can be performed, but usually done with some kicking and screaming from a tire shop.

      You will have to do some home work and find who does this in your part of town.


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