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Subaru Repair Near Me: All Wheel Drive Auto Helps You With Your Subaru in the Springtime

As we come out of Winter and head into Spring those that use Snow tires are aware there is a deadline that your Summer tires need to be installed.  

Another thing that is always prevalent this time of the year is the dreaded Pothole.

Problems that can arise from hitting a pothole in your Subaru are as follows:

  • Negatively affect your Subaru’s alignment, causing premature tire wear, loss of fuel economy and/or excessive wear and tear on critical suspension and steering components.
  • A tire weight can come loose or fall off causing the tire or tires to become out of balance; which can cause your Subaru to vibrate (typically at freeway speeds) and if allowed to continue, can over time cause drivetrain problems.
  • Wheels can be bent or damaged, which can cause a vibration or compromise the integrity of the wheel which could ultimately create a safety hazard.
  • Tires can be punctured or the sidewall damaged making the tire weak and susceptible to failure either from a slow leak or worse a tire blowout on the road. As we all know by now, there is nothing worse than having a tire problem with your Subaru as you typically have to replace all 4.   

Just like April showers bring May flowers, good preventive maintenance for your Subaru in the Springtime will go a long way in helping you and your Subaru enjoy the Summer months and the great family road trips to wherever your Subaru may take you.

Here are some coupons to help make it convenient if you are local to us, if not I hope the advice helps! 

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