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Subaru Repair Seattle: AAA Car Care Month!

October is AAA Car car month!

If you are a  AAA member you are entitled to a free inspection of your Subaru vehicle at our shop to make sure its Winter ready.  We perform this inspection by appointment only.

As a AAA approved Independent  Subaru Repair and Service center we are offering this service, which is done at no charge, and there is no obligation to have it serviced.  All you have to do is schedule an appointment, show your AAA card and give us 1/2 an hour or less.

Call 425 828 3600 to schedule.

Or schedule online


2 Responses

  1. Hell Loiuse,

    The timing belt is suggested by Subaru in your Owners manual at the 105k interval, I am not sure what that equates to in terms of Km. Never the less whoever told you 165k or 14 years has pulled that number out of a hat.

    We cant work with the Subaru Branded Warranties only the aftermarket or second party warranties.

    Timing belts even if they break are not covered by any Subaru warranty above the original power train warranty neither are struts in most cases, but with out having your warranty stipulations in front of me I could be incorrect about the struts.


  2. Hi Justin,
    i have a 2002 Forester under extended Subaru warrenty which was taken out when we bought the car here in Canada. It covers all the major parts of the engine.
    My question is would we be able to bring it to you in Seattle for repairs? If it broke down in the USA it is covered to be towed to the nearest Subaru dealer, but i don;t know if you would qualify?
    It will need the timing belt, and perhaps shocks done, (advised by 2 external mechanics up here) it has 120K on it.. Subaru up here say the timing belt doesnt need fixing until 165K or 14 yrs.. whichever is 1st.


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