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Subaru Repair Seattle: Brake Caliper Woes!

When we do Brakes on Your Subaru, we do them right, the way Subaru intended and always avoid the problems in this video.

Above is just a quick video I shot this weekend, about some  of our local customers finding us after they have had brakes done at a tire store, with less than satisfactory results.

After seeing just way too much of this recently, I wanted to try and explain and show there are some pretty significant differences in parts.  Know whats being used, cheap and brakes do not belong in the same sentence.  One shops version of what is right, is just plane wrong if its not what Subaru suggests.

The difference between having an accident or not is sometimes only a matter of a few inches, you want your Subaru to always stop as well as it was designed to.  There is a real good chance if low quality parts are used, that just isn’t going to happen.

After market brakes typically work ok for the day to day come to a stop without haste kind of a thing, but in a panic situation do you really think the cheaper brakes are going to work as well as what Subaru Designed for you?

Never is this more evident as it is in brake calipers, which is why I posted the video.

Thanks for reading and watching.



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  1. Great video Justin, I wish I would have seen this video before I took them to an unnamed tire store which my brake calipers froze up from all the rust. I will be in once the fronts freeze up because they sold me a crap caliper.
    Thanks and will pass on the information to my fellow Subaru owners.


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