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Don't Drip & Drive

Every year, hundreds of tons of oil and other petroleum-related products make their way to lakes, rivers, streams and the Puget Sound. Most of this toxic pollution comes from small drips from cars and trucks.  To help combat this ASA and the Department of Ecology have put together a program geared at reducing the amount of hazardous waste being generated by your vehicle, its called don’t drip and drive and was rolled out in 2013.

Don’t drip and drive 2014, starts July 1st, we will be offering free estimates to repair leaks such as engine oil, transmission fluid or differential oil leaks your Subaru may have developed.

We will also be offering 10% off of repairs aimed as repairing fluid leaks from your Subaru with a maximum discount of $50.00. If you have been putting off oil leak repairs, now is a great time to save. If you have seen drops on the garage floor and wan’t to know whats wrong there is no time like the present.

Program ends September 30th. You can schedule an appointment for a fee inspection for fluid leaks below.

Don't Drip & Drive
Don’t Drip & Drive

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