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Subaru Repair Seattle, Don’t Let Your Subaru Overheat!

Pictured below is a cracked cylinder liner on a EJ series 2.5l Subaru

Subaru 2.5l Cracked Cylinder Liner

This is the danger of driving a Subaru when the temperature gauge does anything but come up to its normal spot and stay there until the drive is over. In a Subaru, I cannot stress enough that if the temp gauge is moving up above its normal postilion, it is overheating, you don’t have to wait for it to get into the red or steam from under hood to shut it down. #SubaruExpert #allwheeldriveauto #shutitdown

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  1. Justin,

    You mention the temperature gauge however newer models do not have one. I am able to set my triple function display to show oil temperature which is useful but there is no reference for what temperature is appropriate or acceptable. I find that in city driving in mild weather temps run up to about 212* F. What oil temp would you find concerning?


    1. Hey James,

      Great Question. Some of this depends on the type of oil that is used in the Subaru. If it’s conventional you should be good up to 250 degrees Fahrenheit, but I would expect it to be in between 200 to 230.

      Hope that helps


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