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Subaru Repair Seattle: Subaru Secondary Air Injection Recall

Subaru Secondary Air Injection Recall


Subaru Secondary Air Injection Pump
Subaru Secondary Air Injection Pump

Subaru is recalling more than 100,000 of its top-selling models in the U.S. because a turbocharger air pump can run continuously, overheat and could cause fires.

The recall covers certain 2007 to 2009 Legacy and Outback vehicles, some 2008 to 2014 Impreza’s and certain 2009 to 2013 Foresters. All the cars and SUV’s have turbocharged engines. Subaru says in government documents that a relay controlling a secondary air injection pump can fail (due to failed contacts in the relay most likely), causing the pump to run continuously. If it overheats, it can melt and catch fire.

The company reported two fires in government documents but says it has no reports of any injuries. We know one of the affected cars was here in Washington State.

Dealers will replace the relay at no cost to owners. Subaru doesn’t have a schedule yet for the recall to begin. The company says owners who have concerns about the problem should contact their dealer. You can also call 1 800 Subaru 3 to learn if you have an affected vehicle, either way be sure to have your Vin Number ready before you call.

I would like to add that anyone with an affected vehicle that has installed “Secondary Air Injection Deletes” and has had a “tune” done to cancel the check engine light, you are potentially in a weird spot with a safety recall when you go to sell the car.

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2 Responses

  1. I have a 2001 Subaru Outback H6 3.0 LL Bean I am repairing for my Niece’s 1st Car.
    I have had nothing but problems trying to find any books or any type of TSB’s of any type for this beast.
    Yes Subaru has the book but they want almost $400.00 for the book.My budget does not have room for a $400.00 book that should be $30.00 but we won’t go into that.

    So what I need to know is the head torque sequence and any timing chain spec’s you may be able to provide on this vehicle.
    I am going with the Fel Pro MLS Permatorque head gaskets using the old head bolts and installing new rear engine crank seal and water pump.

    AWD did a head gasket replacement at 174000 miles and at 203000 the radiator blew out and AWD replaced the radiator only to find that the head gaskets were blown again.
    The original owner did not want to repair the car so he auctioned it off and my Brother in law bought the car from a dealer and his mechanic did not find the head gasket problem when he did the inspection to the car so now he owns it and it needs head gaskets.
    I told him to take it to AWD for the inspection but he did not listen so now I have the car and doing the work but need a little help with the torque sequence and timing spec;s.
    I am fairly sure it is almost the same as the head sequence on the 2.5’s just with 2 more bolts.
    Also could you please tell me what you use for a sealer opposed to the high dollar sealer Subaru uses?

    1. Hello Bill,

      I would really strongly suggest you not use Felpro on your Subaru, they are great for a Chevy, but not so much on a Japanese import, and you are far better off obtaining the OEM components. I would also suggest you will need more then just the Torque specs so I would suggest either going to the Subaru Technical Website or All Data and buying at least a three day subscription.

      Hope that helps


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