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On some  2008-2010 Subaru Impreza WRX models you may encounter a creaking or popping noise when depressing or releasing the clutch pedal and a lot of times this can become much more pronounced with an aftermarket clutch assembly.

There are really two things we see cause this sometimes, the clutch swing pedal assembly can break or crack but also we see a lot of instances of cracks and breaks to the portion of metal where the pedal assembly bolts to the firewall.  The second repair is the costly of the two, requiring removal of the dash assembly and welding to strengthen the portion of the sheet metal that has cracked.  We than paint the repaired area to prevent rust.

Here are some pictures of what to look for but also the repair process we go through.


Subaru WRX Cracked Firewall
View from the other side where the spot welds have come loose


Pulling away
Subaru WRX Cracked Firewall Repair

So rather than two spot welds there are now multiple points of attachment preventing another occurrence of the issue.

If you are local to us we can provide this repair for a lot less than a Subaru Dealership charges.  If you are outside of an area where we can help, hopefully this gives you an idea of what to look for and expect in the event you have a clutch pedal symptom in your Subaru WRX.


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-Justin  Stobb

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  1. I have a 2009 subaru WRX with the failing spot welds at the firewall. Do you know of someone in the 91748 zip code area in California who can do the repair?

    1. Hey Johnny,

      Not really, you might try calling the Local dealer and finding out what body shop they Sublet to as they don’t do any welding at the Dealer level. Typically the dealer does the Dash R&R and tows it to a body shop

      Hope that helps


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