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Subaru Transmission Repair


Although it’s not all that common for the input shaft, sometimes referred to as the snout or quill pictured below to become worn, when it does it can be expensive to the uninformed.


Subaru Transmission Repair
Subaru Manual Transmission Repair

What we have observed is this type of repair is on the rise, and whether that’s from inferior repairs such as not enough lubrication applied to the input housing and throw out bearing during the course of a clutch replacement or perhaps the use of inferior lubrication products, or just low quality “Made in China” clutch components during the course of clutch replacement, one thing is for certain we are making this repair more often than in the past at a time when the number of manual transmission to automatics produced is less every year.


I recorded a quick video showing the installation of a repair kit which can be used in lieu of replacing the transmission housing.  The kits are available to purchase from us and I imagine elsewhere as well.  I want to stress that you must use the throw out bearing supplied in the kit and would need to the next time the clutch had to be replaced as well.


  • Don’t forget to lubricate the pivot point for the Clutch fork while your in there!
  • Use a high quality anti-seize type lubricant with some staying power.



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4 Responses

  1. My 2008 clutch issues have now completely failed. Do you have this kit for an ej255 5 speed.

    Something happen lastnight, the fork and bearing i suspect to be broken inside. I was only at 1000rpm when it happen. The motor died due to some malfuction inside the clutch area. It jammed up in a type of way that stalled the motor and clutch smoke smelled.

    3 years ago a new install of clutch/bearing/fork/flywheel and posably existing damage to the shaft.

    This kit may have prevented my current situation.

    i might contact your shop soon.

  2. Hi,

    I’m looking to buy a 03 Forester but the one I’m looking at makes a noise like a bicycle with a playing card in the spokes. Is that similar to the chirpy noise described in this video? The noise goes away with the clutch being depressed and seems to get louder the faster the vehicle moves. The car has 213k miles and the engine was replaced at 185k. How much would a repair like this cost?

    Thank You!

  3. Wow I wish I seen this a year ago. I notice some metal flakes under the snout on the tranny. Looked to be a little worn. Didnt even lube it. Ah well. Hoping for the best. Thanks for posting

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