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Subaru Service, After the Snow

Well we just survived the first snow of 2020 and for some reason this one felt kinda bad for such a quick storm.  The snow seemed heavy, the very definition of “cascade concrete” and we already have had a lot of calls about Subarus that impacted curbs, have had trouble starting or worse overheating. 

Winter weather can be brutal at times and for some of our customers this might be the first time you have driven in the snow.  Through the years I’ve heard from other people living in the Midwest for example that in the NW we just don’t know how to drive in the snow. I don’t really agree with that statement, we have some topography that really makes the job of getting around kind of difficult.  So if you found yourself having trouble getting around in your AWD Subaru this week don’t beat yourself up too much about it.  

Now that the snow is leaving for now at least here are some things to consider:

If you found yourself making contact with a curb, let’s get you in for an inspection and an alignment or at least alignment check and because we really feel this is so important after the snow to do this we are going to offer our customer a free alignment check with any other service we provide until the end of January, (if it snows again we will have a similar offer).  If your Subaru is still in good alignment we will let you know so you can finish winter with confidence, if it’s out we will let you know and help you protect your tires, fuel economy and your safety.  

Subaru Service Free Alignment Check

Doing a good inspection, or have us do it.

This actually starts under the car and this is really important the legacy and Impreza models as they sit a little lower to the ground and in some areas the snow was deeper than your Subaru’s ground clearance and you might have picked up tree debris underneath.  Its also important to look at the inside of the wheels. As much as I hate to say this it’s also car wash time, run it through your local car wash, with the chemicals they use to treat the roads in the NW now, you just don’t want that stuff on your Subarus finish or on the underside either. 

You will want to top off your washer fluid as your Subaru almost drinks it while you are trying to keep your windshield clean .

Check your engine oil and coolant levels and be mindful of any new noises.   

Here are some tips to get through the rest of winter, a lot of this is based on the calls we have taken this week .

First of all you really have got to make sure you turn your wipers off and the headlights off before you shut the car down, if you park outside and try to start the car up with the wipers on and the windshield frozen or a load of snow on the windshield you are going to damage the wiper linkage, if you are not close to home you will have to try and drive without wipers if this occurs.  Its my advice to use the ignition switch or button to start the car and the wiper switch to turn on and off the wipers, if you use the ignition switch to turn off the wipers you are just asking for trouble in the winter. If you are going to be parked outside for a length of time also consider lifting the wipers off of the windshield. Makes the job of clearing the windshield an easier one.

 If it’s cold outside its going to make the job of starting your Subaru a little more difficult. When its cold the amount of cold cranking amperage required to start the vehicle is increased, if you are asking the battery to power the headlights when it’s trying to power the starter, you could be in for a disappointment.  This is especially true if you have a 2015 and newer Subaru and still find yourself with the OEM Subaru battery. Its always my advice to use the ignition switch and or button to start the Subaru and the wiper switch to turn on and off the headlights.  

AWD aids in traction, but just doesn’t do much for braking, and in some causes your better off turning traction control etc off.  When you are coming down a hill and you are driving an Automatic or CVT, do not come down the hill in drive, use the sport mode and the buttons or paddle shifters and select a lower gear correct for the speed. This will allow you to use the brakes less and lesson the chance of sliding.   

Make sure you have a roadside kit in your cargo area, including extra water and a blanket. 

We hope you have a safe start to 2020 and your Subaru has taken great care of you and your family so far. 

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