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Subaru Service Bellevue; Resetting Window Pinch Mode


The passenger side window does not work from either switch. If the battery has died or recently been replaced, chances are the person did not reset the “pinch protection” It is simple to do. On all cars up to 2014, hold the window button down (all the way) until the window reaches the stopping point. Hold the button down for 3 seconds. Then lift the switch up, bringing the window to the top position. Hold it there for 3 seconds. Repeat this two more times and the window should be reset.

*On 2015 and later, it is the same operation but only hold it down 2 seconds. If you hold it down longer, it will continue to be in non pinch mode.


If the window comes up to the top and drops back down half way on its own, check the top of the track to ensure no debris or sap is stuck in it. We will use to run a bic pen sized tool that is not sharp up and down the seal to clean any dirt out and to also bring the seal back to its original form in case it got pushed in. From there reset pinch protection as outlined above afterwards and this should cure any skipping or window drop down.


Hope this helps

-Justin Stobb

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  1. My 22 impreza sport driver window auto up goes up to about the top then drops back down. Clean track took it to dealer they put a new regulator in but dodnt fix im assuming wearher striping or track is tripping the pich sensor

  2. But what if the window isn’t working on either switch? I can’t get to the rolling up part cuz neither side is working?

    1. Hello Daleen,

      Sounds like you have a situation that needs to be diagnosed with your Subaru. This post was about addressing a issue where the window goes up and then right back down.


    2. I have been having the same problem as you for some time. A tech once showed me how to use the window lock, turning it off and on while pushing down the window switches in sequence but I forgot how she did it.

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