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Subaru Service, Finally a Real Led Headlight Upgrade

Subaru Led Headlight Upgrade

One of the things I have really tried to do my entire career is look for solutions when solutions are truly needed. 

When I started All Wheel Drive Auto in 2005 that was going to be a main focus, part of that sometimes is also getting information out so I can try and help more Subaru drivers than just the ones we see locally at the shop in Kirkland and that’s the reason I started blogging in 2007

One of the things that Subaru has not been known for through the years until recently is good headlights. So if you have owned a Subaru model up until they introduced HID and LED headlights you have suffered, when other makes have had superior lighting.  I’ve always thought this was odd for a company that really focuses on safety, but if you have been familiar with Subaru for as long as I have you also might realize they are generally slow to come to the party.

Up until recently there just hasn’t been a Led headlight option I could get behind, I’ve tried several sets all of them letting us down, some due to design, others to poor quality that didn’t even allow for longevity evaluations. The biggest problem with the most if not all of the LED headlight bulbs you see is they just were not designed to truly work in a projector lens type environment, which is what most Subaru models used.  The light might be brighter, but then not really cast it self out through the projector lens as well falling short of being a suitable upgrade.

For some Subaru models that has now changed. 

We now stock a Led Headlight kit from Diode Dynamics that was specifically designed to work with Halogen Projector lenses.  We have installed quite a few of these kits with great results and now feel it’s time to offer them to our customers as a true head light enhancement.  The first kit I installed was in Our 2010 Forester XT. This is the car my wife currently drives and well she just doesn’t see as well at night, so you could say I’ve had extra incentive to look for a real solution and I feel very confident that we finally have one to offer to our customers and readers.

If you own a model of Subaru and feel like you have had to replace the bulbs more often than you like this is also going to be a great one and done situation for you.

Right now we have kits for the 2008 -2018 Forester and Impreza and a few other models, essentially this is a kit to replace the H11 bulb. We will have H7 options we hope by Summer as they are currently in development at Diode Dynamics.

Below are some pictures I took of the bulbs VS the stock halogen H11 Bulb. The pictures do not really tell the full story I will add, the difference is truly amazing.

Subaru Led Option VS Halogen
Subaru Led Headlight Option

If your local to us stop by and check them out for yourself, give us a call or you can schedule below to have us take care of this for you.

If your not local to us, they can be purchased on our website here.

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