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Subaru Service Seattle, Another Subaru Airbag Recall

Another Subaru Airbag Recall

Subaru Recall

Subaru Recall # TKB-18

At this time Subaru vehicles registered in Washington State are exempt from this recall. I will add that give the recent history of airbag recalls this could change and become much more broad in nature. You should also make sure that you know the entire history of your Subaru if you purchased it used.  The current recall is region or climate specific, even if you reside in Washington, but your Subaru came from an area affected by this recall, your car would need to go in.  So if you’re not sure of your Subaru’s History and you own a Subaru in the model and year range listed in the link provided, its would be to call 1 800 Subaru 3 to find out, Subaru’s # for this recall is TKB-18.

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