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Subaru Service Seattle: Check your Air & Cabin filters

For the second year in a row in the greater Puget Sound area we have experienced a lot of smoke in the air and very poor air quality as a result.

With the smoke comes ash and that ash can restrict the air and cabin filters in your Subaru. Driving around with a dirty air filter can lead to all sorts of issues with your Subaru most importantly the Mass Air flow sensor can become overly dirty and affect economy and drivability.  If the cabin filter is restricted in your Subaru the amount of air coming into the cabin will be diminished, I would normally call it fresh air into the cabin but that’s just not an accurate statement until the skies clear up. This can also make the climate control system not as effective in trying to cool the cabin the rest of Summer or heat it as we begin to enter fall

Once the smoke goes away, it’s also going to be important to care for the outside of your Subaru as well as there will no doubt be a fine layer of ash and soot on the paint and windows of your Subaru.  Be sure to rinse it well before washing.

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-Justin Stobb

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