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Dont Drip & Drive Subaru!

The Washington State Department of ecology has decided to get serious about educating drivers about how their car could be affecting the environment.   The DOE (Department of Ecology) has turned to ASA and its members to help get the word out as well as offer an incentive to repair vehicles that are potentially leaking fluid.

Don’t Drip & Drive. Fix That Leak!

This April, improve your cars safety and reliability by checking for vehicle leaks. Every drip counts—even a single drop of oil on your driveway can have a negative impact on the life of your car. Plus vehicle leaks are bad for our environment—and every year hundreds of tons of oil and other petroleum-related products make their way to our lakes, rivers, streams, and the Puget Sound. That’s why All Wheel Drive Auto is participating alongside more than 40 local jurisdictions, non-profits and businesses to promote the Don’t Drip & Drive. Fix That Leak! campaign this spring.

All Wheel Drive Auto will perform a no charge inspection on any Subaru vehicle though the month of April 2013 for fluid leaks as well as offer a 10% discount for any leaks found and repaired (maximum Discount $50.00) the program has an expiration of June 2013, this gives a driver of a vehicle time to help budget for a repair.


Environmental Benefits to Testing

  • Protect Puget Sound. Not only does fixing vehicle leaks help families care for their cars, over the long run, it also is good for our environment.
    • Here in Washington state, we’re releasing 7 million quarts of motor oil into the Puget Sound basin annually. Think about it, 7 million quarts of oil wasted each year!
    • Given that the average quart of motor oil costs $5-10 dollars, we estimate that consumers are pouring $53,615,500 down the drain each year. You could do so many more things with your hard-earned money than leak oil into the Puget Sound basin.


Program Offer

  • Act now! Take advantage of a free and easy inspection, at a value of up to $80, from a participating Automotive Service Association (ASA) member repair shop in April.
  • If the technician does discover a problem, you’ll receive a coupon for discounted service at 10% off, for up to $50 in repairs. That’s a total savings up to $130.
      • You can take the coupon with you to use at any participating repair shop or choose to wait to have your leak fixed. There is no obligation!

    Dont Drip & Drive
    Dont Drip & Drive

Don’t Drip & Drive. Fix That Leak!

Who is STORM?

  • The Stormwater Outreach for Regional Municipalities (STORM) consortium has taken the lead on communicating ‘fixing vehicle leaks’ as a best practice, via a targeted regional education and behavior change campaign program called “Don’t Drip & Drive.”
    • This is in response to the fact that, every year, hundreds of tons of oil and other petroleum-related products make their way to our lakes, rivers, streams and the Puget Sound; most of this toxic pollution comes from small oil motor drips from our cars and trucks.
    • The STORM consortium includes members from 80+ local jurisdictions, with supporting efforts by another 400 agencies and organizations through the ECO Net network.
  • “Don’t Drip & Drive” is made possible by a grant from the Washington Department of Ecology.
    • King County was awarded the grant on behalf of the STORM consortium.
    • The grant is leveraged with another Ecology grant awarded to Seattle Public Utilities, with funds from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
  • The overall goal of the program is to build awareness and educate people throughout the Puget Sound region that it is important to check for vehicle leaks and to inspect their vehicles regularly, whether on their own or through a repair shop.

You can Schedule an appointment to have us perform a no charge inspection for fluid leaks on your Subaru here.

Dont Drip & Drive Subaru!
Don’t Drip & Drive Subaru!

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