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The Takata Airbag recall continues to grow for Subaru and other car manufactures as well.

This is a much bigger boon for the car maker then you might think.  When you arrive at the Subaru Dealer to have your free recall performed, they will in all cases perform a complimentary inspection and advise you about the list of things your Subaru needs, and in many cases we are seeing an alarming trend of items recommended that are just not needed or have already been done.  This includes some of our loaner cars, which was part comical, part annoying, and 100% in the wrong.   

We are suggesting to all of our customers and all of our readers to be very wary of this, and do not feel compelled to do everything or anything the Subaru dealer is telling you, I mean after all your car drove in didn’t it?  Let us or another Independent Subaru expert be your second opinion, you may very well find that many of the items the Subaru dealer is pressuring to perform are not needed at this time, can be put off for another day or are just “busy work”  type of suggestions.

Over the last couple of years but even more so lately we have witnessed large lists from a Subaru dealer that we have been able to whittle down to just a few immediate items while monitoring the rest.  We have seen the Dealer recommended maintenance services just blindly based on mileage and not actual needs, only to discover the 60k service was already performed, sometimes at another dealer!

We are offering a free “while you wait” service to verify the needs the Subaru Dealer is telling you that you that your Subaru needs.

You can schedule Below or call us at 425 828 3600

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