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Subaru Service Seattle: Oil Specifications 2011 to 2016

I have been receiving some bothersome comments to the Blog and through email as well. Generally speaking when I have 5 or more similar type comments, or questions I like to provide some factual information to help Subaru Owners. Lately I have heard a few instances where the dealer is either upselling conventional cars to synthetic oil, or not changing oil when it’s due citing it’s synthetic and it doesn’t need to be done yet. To those I would say they should read what the car maker is actually saying.

I thought I would post the most current Subaru Document that specify the type of oil to use in which Model Subaru

Subaru Oil Specifications up to 2016
Subaru Oil Specifications up to 2016

As well as a link to a printable PDF.

2014.2015 Oil Specs

The schedule is for normal use I will add, please refer to the owners manual for the definitions of normal use to determine if how you use your Subaru is “normal” or “Severe”

I would also like to note the following, synthetic oil can be used in place of conventional or blend, but the intervals do not change.

If you follow the normal use schedule be sure to at least check your oil post last oil change at what ever interval makes sense to how you use the car, for some this is every other tank of fuel, for others they now there Subaru uses no oil until 3000 miles. DO what ever you want just done let your Subaru run low or to long on oil.

Hope that helps & Thanks for reading!



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  1. You Provided Information that my Dealership did not. You Saved My Wallet and Promoted The Kind of Honest and Logical Analysis of the Market That Leaves a Person Better Off than Before; Using the New Data to Grab Ahold of Some Direction, With a Trusty Insider in the Mechanical World who has Their Back! Thank You For Everything Your Professionalism, Communicative Disposition, Dedication and Real Talk Responses are to your trusty readership!

  2. Your website is full of great info, thanks! I read up on Subaru care before getting my recent head gasket replacement and it was very helpful for understanding a proper maintenance schedule to prevent problems in the future (had just bought the car used without noticing leaks). I was curious to know, what oil is recommended for an 04 Outback? Do you suggest any particular brands and are “high mileage” formulations worth it? I plan to do my own oil changes on the 3,000 miles/3 month interval now so I want to make sure I’m doing it right!

    1. Id suggest Castrol 5w30 Blend (GTX, or high mileage) and every 3000 miles or 3 months on average based on use of course.


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