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Subaru Service Seattle; Preparing Your Subaru For Fall


Preparing Your Subaru For Fall

Fall Colors


As Summer comes to a close and Fall is upon us its important to take a little time and make sure you and your Subaru are ready for the changes that occur with Fall.



  • The first thing to remember is that increased rain creates slippery road conditions and its very important to know the state of the tire tread depth of your tires on your Subaru.
  • Wiper blades tend to become heat cracked during the Summer months and may very well be in need of replacement as fall approaches.
  • The days are becoming shorter and the chance of driving to and from work or school in the sunlight are diminished, as such it’s a good idea to walk around the car and make sure all of the lights are functioning as they should.
  • The increase in the use of the defrost in your Subaru will start to decrease your fuel economy, this also increases as the temperatures become cooler so be prepared for a fuel economy change.
  • If you park under trees you need to be aware that debris can collect in the cowling area of your Subaru as well as the upper section of the rear hatch (if equipped) and this can create a condition where water can’t properly drain away, this is also an issue with sunroof equipped cars and the drains becoming clogged and leaking water into the vehicle.  Taking a few moments to clean up any pine needles, leaves and other debris is a great idea.

Lastly, Fall is the best time to start thinking about winterizing your Subaru as well, it will be here before we know it.

Thanks for reading, if you are local to us and want to set up an appointment  for an oil change and have us make sure you are ready for worse weather you can do so below.





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