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Subaru Service, We Will Commute Again, Is your Subaru Ready?

It’s September 14th 2020, It’s the end of Summer in the Pacific Northwest (wait did we even have a Summer?) and typically I am emailing and blogging about things like making sure your driving age kids car is ready for the school season or talking about summer road construction being hard on your Subaru but this year is different. Even as I write this post it’s raining a little bit in the Seattle area but it’s not really making the smoke go away. 

I want to convey when this smoke goes away, your Subaru will need an air filter and cabin filter (if equipped) and you should strongly consider an oil change.  

We have had a lot of customers call or email the last few weeks wondering where they are at with maintenance as they have not been using their Subaru in the same way they did the year prior. I just want to remind you that for our local customers we are always just a phone call, email and now a text away from being able to help you decide if you should come in for service or are good to wait for a while longer.  

While we wait for things to someday get back to normal we don’t want you to forget about your Subaru and the fact that it still needs service from time to time even if you are not driving as much as you normally would. Items such as tires actually need more attention and not less when a car sits. Modern vehicles have low tire pressure warning systems, but older model Subaru’s do not and if it has been a while since the tire pressure has been checked and corrected it’s probably long overdue.

I’ve posted recently about battery drain on modern Subaru’s and during the Covid situation we have actually replaced a lot of batteries due to cars sitting for prolonged periods of time. Investing in a “smart type” battery maintainer is a very smart thing to do right now.  

For those of you that just really haven’t even gone through a tank of gas the last couple of months should really think about putting an additive in a full tank of fuel to help condition the fuel that’s already in it as well as clean and condition the fuel system including the fuel injectors.  

At this point we can only assume that Fall & Winter are going to throw us some weather related curve balls, I mean why wouldn’t they, it’s 2020 after all.  We want to make sure your Subaru is in the best possible shape for whatever the rest of 2020 throws at us. 

Here’s to Safe Subaruing and we are here for you when you need us.

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