All Wheel Drive Auto: Independent Seattle Subaru Service


Thank You Seattle Subaru Owners!


Our Customers Voted us # 1 in King 5’s Evening Magazines Best Of Washington!

We came in first place this year, and would like to take this opportunity to thank our loyal customers for their vote and comments about their personal experiences at our shop. The whole experience is very humbling.   We truly appreciate your Support, and faith in us, we will always do our best to keep it.


Justin, Randy, Rosie, Ken, Ryan, Tim, TJ, Lisa, Cristina, Deedee and Andrew


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  1. I have a 1993 Legacy L AWD wagon with 106k miles. My Ru runs strong but has its quirks. Recently, I took my Ru to my mechanic who is typically very good albeit new to Subarus. He was struggling with the Error codes being produced and CEL on with surging while decel/accel. He had a feeling it was the O2 sensor. I called All Wheel Drive Auto. I am in Florida but called them due to their excellent posts about Subaru repair. I spoke with Ryan and he did his best over the phone with my issues. He took the time to speak with me even though he would never see my automobile for service. His diagnosis seems to be dead on and the O2 sensor was replaced. My Ru runs fine and I thank Ryan and All Wheel Drive Auto for the excellent service over and above their normal call of duty. It is extremenly rare to experience that level of service anywhere…I had to go 2000 miles away to find it.
    My sincere thanks,
    Captain Todd

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