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The Wrong Subaru Head Gaskets in Seattle

Pictured below are some after market head gaskets we recently took out of a 1st generation 2.5l DOHC in a 1997  Subaru Legacy Outback.  They are the single worst idea I have seen in trying to address an issue that Subaru has already resolved.

Subaru came out with a great replacemant gasket for the first Generation 2.5l that is a real fix for the problem.

This gasket pictured below lasted a few months, yes months!!  The gasket is similar in design to the original gasket that was used in production and then was tweaked making it even weaker.

The reason I point these gaskets out is I would hate for any of my readers to buy them, and get no real life out of the repair.  I imagine since the repairs were made at a local “general repair shop” that the method of repair played into this as well, which is reason number one on a list of a hundred to make sure the shop you are taking your Subaru to is a Subaru Expert.

Paying to have the repairs made properly a second or third time will create financial and emotional frustration.

Thanks for reading , and know what you are paying for!!



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  1. Hi,

    I will soon have to have the head gaskets replaced on my 2001 Subaru Outback. My mechanic is not a Subaru expert but still a good mechanic. I’d like to know where I can purchase genuine subaru parts? My mechanic will let me provide the parts. I also do some routine work myself but autozone or advance auto don’t seem to carry genuine subaru parts. I see a lot of website’s advertising subaru parts but I don’t know who to trust. Thanks for your assistance and great website.


  2. I have a 2002 Subaru Forester with a blown head gasket. It has 84,00 miles on it and I’m being told that it will cost around $3,500 to repair.
    Has anyone had a similar problem?

  3. Hi Dwayne,

    We have a gasket that we sell, and that is the only gasket I really suggest using.

    If you buy the Gasket from Subaru you are putting in the exact thing you are taking out.


  4. Ken,

    Your article certainly points out the problems with the wrong headgasket. I have a 2002 Subaru Impreza TS … starting to show the headgasket problems. How would i know which is the right gasket? Stay with the manufacturer’s model?


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