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Traction Device Alternative For Subaru?

Auto Sock For Subaru


A common Question that comes up is with the inability to use tires chains on the modern Subaru vehicles, and the signs posted on mountain passes that state Traction tires required, or Chains Required


Auto Sock has been given the green light to be used in Washington State and the State of Colorado as an alternative to tire chains.

Here is a link to shop for Autosocks

We have not yet tested the device and can not comment on the ability of Auto sock to help with traction.  What I can offer is a set of these in the Cargo area does indeed satisfy the requirements in Washington State according to the DOT website and it appears they can physically be mounted on many  Subaru Models.

From the Manufacturer

Situation: Unexpected winter weather can create driving conditions demanding more traction than conventional tires–or even snow treads — can provide.

Solution: AutoSock is a new and innovative light weight fabric-based traction aid for cars and trucks that is easy to mount and provides a satisfactory grip on slippery surfaces as snow and ice.

How It Works: AutoSock, a high-technology textile tire covering, utilizes GripTech® technology. Specially patterned fibers optimize grip on slick surfaces by managing the thin layer of water on top of ice and snow. Through its weaving pattern and thousands of small fibers AutoSock clings to snow and ice, increasing vehicle traction, improving safety and adding to driver confidence.

Use: AutoSock works at speeds up to 30 mph on snow and ice.


·AutoSock is available in different sizes to fit most vehicles (consult the dimension table at
·AutoSock should be fitted to the drive wheels.
·AutoSock can be used with and improves electronics safety systems such as ESP, ASC+T, ASR, ABS.
·AutoSock is four-wheel drive compatible when installed on the front wheels.
·AutoSock works with vehicles having low clearance between the tire and the body and/or between the tire and the suspension.

Installation: AutoSock is easy to install following these simple steps:

· Stop the vehicle and apply the emergency brake.
· Fit AutoSock to the drive wheels of the vehicle, starting at the top of the tire and working downwards.
· Stretch the elastic band over the top of the tire to the inside of the tire.
·Tighten the crossing strap.
· Move the vehicle approximately 3 feet and pull the remainder of the AutoSock into position.
· AutoSock automatically self-centers when you begin driving.

Lifespan: As with all traction devices, proper care and driving habits determine the life of the product. Lifespan is decreased if used on dry surfaces.

Warranty: AutoSock is a wear and tear product and comes with a 2-year warranty against manufacturing defects and workmanship.

Proven Satisfaction: More than 1 million AutoSocks have been sold in Europe and Asia, with a customer satisfaction rating of 90 percent. AutoSock is approved by Europe’s foremost testing and certification organization, the German TÜV.

Original Accessories: AutoSock is approved and distributed by leading automakers, including Toyota, Honda, Subaru, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, VW, Fiat, PSA and others.

Pricing: Depending upon the vehicle’s tire size, consumers can expect to pay a
manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $79 to $99 (US) per pair.

Patent: AutoSock is patented world wide.

About AutoSock: AutoSock AS is a Norwegian research-based developer of products designed to improve the road safety of cars and trucks driven under adverse winter conditions. AutoSock® is a high-technology, research-based product with excellent traction and durability properties. The research and development has been supported by extensive testing and scientific textile and friction competencies.


I hope this helps Subaru Owners

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3 Responses

  1. With proper maintenance and care, ie using it for slick conditions on ice and snow and not spinning them, they have a good lifespan. If you have any questions about the science behind why AutoSocks work check out our website at .

    You can order by calling the number on for your local retailer or by submitting a request for more information on the site to have a representative contact you with pricing and sizing.

  2. I had seen these on the internet recently and was wondering about them. Reading the reviews it seems that they really work, but are good for maybe 2 uses before they tear apart. In other words, maybe great in an emergency but if you chain up often these would get expensive. On the other hand I’ve owned 5 AWD/4WD vehicles, 4 Subaru’s and a Ford Explorer. I had a set of chains for my Explorer so I’d be legal when driving up Mt Rainier but never needed to use the chains. Same with the Subaru’s as I was never in a situation where I needed chains. It sounds like the AutoSock could be a great “get me out of this rare situation without tearing up my car” emergency tool for Subaru owners, opposed to being an expensive disposable alternative to chains for 2WD owners. I will probably order a pair.

  3. Justin,

    We’re using Michelin Easy Grip Composite Tire Snow “Chains” (they’re not actually metal chains as the name implies) on our 2012 Subaru Forester.

    They fit great, are lightweight, very low profile, and are easy to install *if* you use the correct size. One downside is they wear quickly on bare pavement so they’re for use only when absolutely necessary on ice or snow.

    John L.

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